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Transcript Season 4 Episode 25

Watch: The full broadcast of The West Block with Tom Clark aired  March 1.

Guest Interviews: Wayne Easter, Daniel Lang, Jerry Dias, Peter Coleman, Mark Kennedy, Jennifer Ditchburn… 4,435 more words


Study on radicalization chugs along as anti-terror bill speeds through Parliament

Watch: Conservative Sen. Daniel Lang says his Senate committee has found radicalization is happening in many arenas, not only online.

OTTAWA – Among the many concerns surrounding the Conservatives’ … 587 more words


The conflict behind the proposed anti-terror laws: a West Block primer

Watch: The West Block primer this week looks inside the controversy swirling around the Conservatives’ proposed anti-terror laws. 

The government’s proposed anti-terror laws continue to be at the centre of heated controversy. 227 more words


Transcript Season 4 Episode 24

Watch: Full broadcast of The West block with Tom Clark, aired Feb. 22, 2015.

Host: Tom Clark

Guest Interviews: Contributing editor of THe Atlantic Graeme Wood, former prime minister Joe Clark, Opposition leader Tom Mulcair, Conservative MP and cabinet member Michelle Rempel… 4,361 more words


A journalist’s voyage inside the head of ISIS

Watch: Graeme Wood, a contributing editor with The Atlantic, recently published an in-depth look at ISIS, the ideology behind it and what the group really wants. 239 more words


'Plane Talk' with Michelle Rempel: her interest in wine and her political triumph

Watch: In the fourth instalment of Plane Talk,  Conservative cabinet minister Michelle Rempel talks to Tom Clark about the moment she remembers finding her voice in the House of Commons and what surprises her most about life on Parliament Hill. 1,272 more words


Mulcair won't commit to scrapping anti-terror bill, if ever in power

Watch: NDP Leader Tom Mulcair discusses his opposition to Bill C-51  and what he would do with the legislation if his party forms government.

OTTAWA —Though vehemently against the bill, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, if in power, would not necessarily scrap the Conservative’s “anti-terror” bill — but he would definitely change it, he said in an interview Sunday. 760 more words