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'You can't carpet-bomb your way to victory': Plotting the fight against ISIS

The fight against the so-called Islamic State must be waged on multiple fronts, agreed a panel of experts gathered in Halifax for a major international security conference this week – but perhaps the most important counter-offensive needs to happen in cyberspace. 535 more words


Panel to discuss security issues in wake of Paris attacks

Top security experts from around the world will be in Halifax this week for their first major meeting since the terrorist attacks in Paris.

As part of the 7th annual Halifax International Security Forum, The West Block’s Tom Clark will moderate a special panel discussion entitled “New Canadian Ideas, Same Old World?” on Friday at 2:15 p.m. 128 more words


Government needs to provide mental health education to soldiers: Doucette

Fred Doucette served his country with honour and distinction until he was wounded in Sarajevo in the 1980s.

In his new book, Better Off Dead… 208 more words


'We will deliver on commitment' to bring refugees to Canada: Scott Brison

President of the Treasury Board Scott Brison says his government remains committed to bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees into the country, but would not specify how much that will cost or how many of them might be privately sponsored. 211 more words


Security analyst: Paris attacks will result in increased co-operation

Last Friday’s terror attacks in Paris will likely result in increased co-operation among intelligence agencies around the world as they struggle to keep up with a never-ending stream of threats, says one expert. 203 more words


French ambassador says his nation will remain defiant

France’s ambassador to Canada says his country suffered a tremendous blow on Friday when terrorists launched a deadly series of attacks in Paris, but the French people will not be intimidated or live in fear. 256 more words


No refugee vetting system is absolutely perfect: Ralph Goodale

Canada’s public safety minister says his government will take great care to ensure Syrian refugees are properly vetted before they are allowed to enter the country over the next several months, but no system is perfect. 296 more words