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A Non-Fiction Latter Days Film About a Mormon Missionary Falling in Love (VIDEO)

For many people familiar with the 2003 independent film Latter Days, this documentary is going to look very familiar.  Like the C. J. Cox classic, Elder: A Mormon Love Story is about a young Mormon missionary, Tom Clark falling in love with a beautiful male contemporary. 51 more words

Gay Love

Transcript Season 4 Episode 42

WATCH: Full broadcast of The West Block with Tom Clark, aired Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Host: Tom Clark
Guest Interviews: Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Jeffrey Simpson,
Marie Vastel, Mark Kennedy, Margaret Trudeau… 4,477 more words


Unpacking the Politics: the importance of imagery in politics

WATCH: Tom Clark talks to Le Devoir’s Marie Vastel and the Ottawa Citizen parliamentary bureau chief Mark Kennedy about the political imagery of the past week. 324 more words


Third-party political ads don’t go with fair elections: former elections chief

WATCH: Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson and Former Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley talk to Tom Clark about the issue of American-style “political action committees” coming to Canada. 522 more words


Margaret Trudeau pens new book, calls on seniors to take action

WATCH: Margaret Trudeau talks to Tom Clark about her book, “The Time of Your Life.”

Margaret Trudeau has done many things in her life; it would be difficult to get away with calling her boring. 397 more words


WATCH: MPs say goodbye to Parliament, reflect on their time in office

WATCH: Parting words from MPs who aren’t seeking re-election about their accomplishments, lessons learned, and the best and worst moments in their political life.

When the doors of the House of Commons closed for the summer this month, at least 50 MPs knew they were taking their final steps along the familiar green carpet. 319 more words