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Falling Off Your SUP Board Properly

For more than two decades, Tom Cole has been the president of BBPC & Associates, Inc., a reputable real estate development, financial, and economics advisory services firm in Annapolis, Maryland. 247 more words

Tom Cole

Rise of the Gracie School of Brazilian Jujitsu

The president of BBPC in Annapolis, Tom Cole partakes in many sports and outdoor physical activities. One sport that Tom Cole of Annapolis enjoys is Brazilian jujitsu, a martial art that grew out of the Japanese art of judo. 156 more words

Tom Cole

An Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Tom Cole leverages more than two decades of experience in real estate planning and development to serve as the president of his Annapolis, Maryland-based company BBPC. 184 more words

Tom Cole

Toronto Selected as Site for 16th Annual ULI Student Competition

Experienced real estate professional Tom Cole has served as president of BBPC, a development, economics, and financial advisory services firm in Annapolis, Maryland, since 1996. Tom Cole also engages with a number of professional organizations, including the Urban Land Institute. 185 more words

Tom Cole

US Marine Corps Evaluates New Base in Guam

Annapolis-based Tom Cole leverages over 20 years of experience in real estate, economic development, and infrastructure planning as the president of BBPC. The nationally recognized firm located in Annapolis, Maryland, provides advisory services related to real estate, finance, and economic impact. 199 more words

Tom Cole

Three Points to Consider before Getting a Labrador Retriever

Annapolis, Maryland resident Tom Cole has served as the president of BBPC and Associates since 1996. He is responsible for developing and implementing long-term strategies for the Annapolis company’s real estate portfolio. 204 more words

Tom Cole

Photos: Meng Su, Classical Guitarist

Sound check! Meng Su, Classical Guitarist

Pre-Concert Talk: Hart Wells

Meet – The – Artist Reception

Meng Su at Tom Cole’s Studio at WPFW. Photos by Danielle Cumming.


John E. Marlow Guitar Series