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Wimbledon Tennis

The important facts and figures of the Wimbledon tennis tournament courtesy of the Naked Scientists… Listen to the audio here.

Grab your rackets, your strawberries and cream and – as long as you’re old enough – a glass of Pimms; because Wimbledon’s underway… and to celebrate we’re having a rally of our very own! 581 more words


Maths Helps Decision-making

Live interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on how maths can help you to make decisions in life… plus a few examples of my own (good and bad).


BBC News - Maryam Mirzakhani's Legacy

Live interview on BBC News about the legacy of Iranian Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani who tragically passed away today (July 15th 2017). She was the first female winner of the Field’s Medal – the mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize.


Equations Stripped: Euler's Identity

I strip-back the most important equations in maths layer by layer so that everyone can understand them. This time it’s the turn of the most beautiful equation in maths…