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In Memoriam: VHS and the Philosophical Rewind

On September 15th, 1830, William Huskisson died because the world sped up and he didn’t notice.

Poor bastard.  Huskisson, a man whose chief talents apparently lay in a facility with the French language and inheriting great sums of money, dove into British politics after witnessing the dawn of the French revolution as a young man. 909 more words

Trailer Of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Based on the famous novels by Lee Child, Jack Reacher which starred Tom Cruise was quite gritty and took audiences by surprise, since it wasn’t the usual Tom Cruise blockbuster a la the… 146 more words

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IMAX Trailer Released for "Sully"

By Travis Martin



A new trailer/featurette has come from Warner Bros. and IMAX on “Sully. In the video, director Clint Eastwood… 122 more words

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On characters, thrills and getting laid

I’ve been trying to figure something out. Thrillers. More precisely, why they don’t thrill me enough. Or rather, yes, they thrill me but don’t satisfy me. 679 more words


Great Scott! presents: Top Gun

Tony: 1986

Every fortnight (ish)* my beloved and I are watching a film by either Ridley or Tony Scott. We’re watching in chronological order. 1,626 more words


"Mission: Impossible 6" Delayed Over Tom Cruise Salary

By Travis Martin



Despite still being popular after 20 years, Paramount Pictures have stopped pre-production of the 6th “Mission: Impossible” film. Apparently, franchise star  172 more words

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