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Mission Possible: Defending Tom Cruise

By Jay Croucher

Statement A: I think I am a (relatively) smart, informed person.

Statement B: Tom Cruise is my favourite actor of all time. 2,002 more words


Movie Making Mystery Solved

The mystery has been solved. The movie being made outside our residence was Mission Impossible 5 with Tom Cruise. Oh well it is not James Bond, but still someone famous and we saw the outdoor restaurant the Tom pulls a gun out at. 10 more words

#LADS: David Beckham hangs out with Tom Cruise and Guy Ritchie in the most epic London selfie

David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Guy Ritchie and three suits are the ingredients for the ultimate celebrity selfie, no?

Well that’s exactly what we were treated to thanks to Becks himself who gave us a rare glimpse into his social life. 223 more words


Box Office: Will Smith’s Focus & The Creeping Death of the Movie Star

There is a funny little thing actors sometimes have to do that I call the “Please like me again!” press tour. It’s that “No, seriously, this time’s it’s different” dance they have to do when they’re out promoting a new movie after their last movie bombed.  3,587 more words

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Do you taint your Ashtanga or martial arts practice by confusing momentum with movement?

Postures, yoga postures and how people get into them continues to fascinate me. Do you find it interesting? Many a practitioner gauge themselves by how many postures they can get into, how far they are, in say the Ashtanga series. 540 more words


Rain Man 1988

Director: Barry Levinson

Writers: Barry Morrow (story), Ronald Bass (screenplay) , Barry Morrow (SCREENPLAY)

Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino