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'War of the Worlds' (2005) and the Ray Leaves Robbie Moment

Divorced Ray Ferrier, on his weekend with his two children, must suddenly contend with an alien invasion as massive extra-terrestrial machines begin a global ground attack, putting Ray and his family on the run. 924 more words

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"You complete me." AND "You had me at 'hello.'"

From: Jerry Maguire

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Dorothy Boyd

The story behind the quote: As Valentines Day is just a few hours away, we’re doing something special. 337 more words


Assessed And Evaluated: Lee Child

…And that isn’t his real name. And he isn’t American as his style of writing can give off the impression.

This is the second part of the Jack Reacher write-up; the first one being character-centric, this one being author-centric. 3,163 more words

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Dr Caroline Leaf - Rogue Notion

According to a new study by Rutgers University, “Learning new cognitive skills can help reduce overwhelming negative thoughts”. So said Dr Caroline Leaf, communication pathologist and self-titled cognitive neuroscientist. 507 more words



“LIONS FOR LAMBS” (2007) Review

I honestly had no intention of seeing the 2007 political drama directed by Robert Redford, “LIONS FOR LAMBS” when it first hit the theaters, nearly nine years ago. 586 more words


10 Incredible Facts of Mission: Impossible 3 That You Were Never Told

The Mission: Impossible spy movies keep getting more intriguing by the minute with new missions, new allies and even new foes. Here comes the third movie from the stables of Tom Cruise… 302 more words

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Review - Oblivion

I started watching this film knowing little about it. I didn’t know it was based on an unpublished graphic novel, written by the man who ended up directing the movie – but I’d love to read it. 376 more words