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Clean Spill Premieres "Sid" Video

Santa Barbara surf rats, Clean Spill, might come off reserved but their home brewed mixture of garage flavored punk rock and power pop is where they let it all out. 119 more words

The LP Collective

Banjo Strings featuring Rob Machado, Ryan Burch and Tom Curren

With more that three generation of style, Tom Curren, Rob Machado and Ryan Burch give you a free lesson in keeping it pure.

Tom Curren, surfing legend, came to Jesus

He patiently watches the wave come closer and closer, then turns his board, jumps to his feet and rides the wave back home, cutting alternately graceful elliptical lines and quick power turns that send a water wall spraying. 564 more words


Save Your Breath: Chasing a swell through Mexico

Matt Pagan recently found himself in Mexico chasing a swell with his brother Mike when they not only captured some epic swell, but found themselves watching Tom Curren surf a boogie board fully clothed. Sounds like quite the trip!