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Being Lonely in Christianity

Is apologetics a fast track to being an outsider in the Christian community? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Tom Gilson of Thinking Christian recently wrote a post on the… 1,574 more words


Review of "The Truth Holds Us: Reflections of a Thinking Christian"

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First, this is a shorter book. Only 130 pages that fly by. While the short episodic nature of the articles makes this more of a “collected works of,” the section divisions help lend thematic continuity. 1,006 more words

Christian Apologetics

A New Twist on the Quadrilemma: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend?

The May/June 2014 issue of Touchstone has come out. In it is a provocative and, I might say, Lewis-esque piece of writing by Tom Gilson, the National Field Director of… 107 more words

Contemporary Issues

Deeper Waters Podcast 2/15/2014: Tom Gilson

What’s coming up Saturday on the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

I’d like to give a little caveat right at the start. 511 more words


"Peter Boghossian, Atheist Tactician"- A brief look at the e-book by Tom Gilson

I recently downloaded Tom Gilson’s evaluation of Peter Boghossian’s epistemology for my Kindle. The work is witty but also to the point. Gilson launched a full-on attack against Boghossian’s mission to create atheists. 769 more words


Peter Boghossian has added another contribution to the ongoing conversation about belief in a scientific age in his “A Manual For Creating Atheists.” Unfortunately for atheists it lacks any substantial new material and appears to be a rehash of the old secular humanism.

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Christian Theistic Worldview

Creating Atheists?

My friend Tom Gilson – http://www.thinkingchristian.net – has launched a new website – http://www.creatingatheists.com – to address the atheist worldview from the Christian theistic perspective. With the continued publication of atheist books and articles, Tom believes it is high time for Christians to advance the intellectual force of the Christian theistic worldview.   50 more words

Christian Theistic Worldview