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Sleepytime BOBBY

HOLDING THE TITLE as reigning “Nap Champ” can be an exhausting task, especially when you’re on a national tour with Thao + Mirah playing shows every night and all you wanna do is cuddle for a quick minute.  111 more words

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BOBBY's Arrival

THE SICK MILK is out of the bottle, curdled and primed to engulf your headphones after NPR premiered BOBBY’s debut eponymous album off Partisan Records on their… 656 more words

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Closer Look: BOBBY - Groggy


LET’S TAKE A closer look at BOBBY’s latest single, “Groggy”, with the help of BOBBY brain Tom Greenberg.

“Groggy” breaks the traditional verse/chorus/verse mold, continually moving forward and pushing the track on through a dark, weary, muggy world that Greenberg notes can be representative of living through a day with Lyme disease, something he was diagnosed with. 173 more words

DJ Jazner



It’s Dead Outside (Live)

Sore Spores

jazner became BOBBY’s first honorary roadie-slash-groupie during SXSW, attending all three of the group’s performance and fulfilling the most important task of handing Tom Greenberg a flask.  1,082 more words

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Texas Toasted



SXSW is calling, and jazner is going on a pilgrimage, taking an aeroplane straight to Austin (via layover). 91 more words

DJ Jazner

Update - Bobby Blooms

A FEW WEEKS ago jazner wrote to all his friends in internet land about a very special boy out of Altadena named Tom Greenberg and his percolating project out of Vermont/Massachusetts, BOBBY. 203 more words

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Bobby Twigzital

MODERN ANATOMY CLAIMS the human heart has four chambers.  jazner claims one of them is named Tomboy.

In all actuality, there are many names Tomboy has appropriated throughout the years: Tom G., Twigz, Twiglet.  213 more words

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