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Steve Martin and Martin Short have 'colonoscopy parties' with Tom Hanks

Steve Martin has a “colonoscopy party” with Martin Short and Tom Hanks each year.

The comedy star and his longtime friend Martin made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 304 more words


68 - Henry IV


Hanks goes full Wario as Sir John Falstaff in a live production of Shakespeare’s Henry IV: Parts 1 AND 2! Will Elvis and Rish stay awake for the entire play? 75 more words


Sully (2016)

Sully (2016)

directed by Clint Eastwood

written by Todd Komarnicki

based on the memoir Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters, by Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow… 218 more words

Irony, Thy Name Is Gump: "Forrest Gump" and the Art of Earnest Irony...

Forrest Gump is a movie that I’ve never quite been able to wrap my head around.

On one level, it’s an incredibly sacchrine and simplistic exploration of the first fifty years of the so-called… 4,699 more words


'Big' 30th Anniversary

When we were children it was easy to believe in magic. We’d make wishes on just about anything: an eyelash, a shooting star or blowing out candles. 2,912 more words


The Post ****

Whether intentionally or not, this film arrives at a timely moment. Director Steven Spielberg  choosing his moment to prod the hornet’s nest or at least remind people of what is at stake, when those in power presume to be above the law. 447 more words

**** (4 Stars)

'Henry IV' Review: Tom Hanks & Hamish Linklater Give Charismatic Pulse To Shakespeare Classic

For the average theatergoer, going to a production of a William Shakespeare play can either be an enlightening night of poetic culture or it can feel like homework. 882 more words

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