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Ask Professor Popcorn: Big


Dear Patricia,

A common question indeed, proving that there are no small questions, only small bottles of perfume called “samples” that I keep in my glovebox when I need a nip behind the wheel! 193 more words

Ask Professor Popcorn

What I Watched: May 2015

This month’s movies involved more throwback films to the early 90’s, which is always interesting to see style-wise (on-screen and in the way the movies are made). 41 more words


Tom Hanks To Expect No Preferential Treatment If Cast Away 2 Set In Urney

Following intense social media speculation that Cast Away 2 possibly starring Tom Hanks again is to be set in Urney in West Tyrone, local dignitaries have warned the multi-Oscared actor that he should expect no preferential treatment from local businesses or services for the duration of his stay near the Donegal border. 222 more words


The Day After The Holiday

Today is Tuesday, the day after the long 3 day Memorial Day holiday, and things are starting to return to normal…All the people enmeshed in the web of work world have piled into their cars or trains or buses or subways and made the commute back to work, back to their desks and cubicles or auto repair stores, whatever……I did it myself for 45 years, so I certainly know how it feels…One thing is sure, there will not be much real work done today! 894 more words

The end of Apollo

Not all films are good enough to tempt you away from emptying the dishwasher. Last night I had a kitchen to prepare for workmen coming today, and I was already late for bed (i.e. 82 more words


Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor all of the fallen soldiers who have died defending our country throughout it’s history…We have all probably lost loved ones to some war at some time, since war seems to always be with us, but there can be no greater sacrifice than laying down your life for your country in combat…. 1,038 more words