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"Inferno" Vignette Highlights the Great Dante

Celebrate the great mind of DANTE in a special vignette released by Columbia Pictures in connection with the upcoming action-thriller “Inferno” – the third film in the studio’s Robert Langdon series (“The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels & Demons”), which has taken in more than $1.2 billion worldwide to date. 167 more words


September, When the Movies You Expect to be Good Are Bad and Vice Versa

Picking “really like” movie prospects for September is a tricky game. The movies that sound good probably aren’t and the movies that don’t sound good may be alright. 587 more words

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Cast Away


Review: This is about Chuck Noland, he is a Fed Ex executive and devotes most of his life to his job. His girlfriend Kelly is often neglected but on Christmas Eve he proposes to her just before embarking on a large assignment. 235 more words


Bridge of Spies (2015)

Marking the fourth collaboration between Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks, Bridge of Spies is an elegantly crafted, cleverly narrated & sincerely performed spy-thriller from the esteemed auteur who, even in what can be termed as his semi-retirement phase, continues to thrill & surprise us with movies that may not be as magical as his best works but still make up for an enriching experience. 413 more words

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Cast Away (2000)

Movie about a FedEx executive who crash lands on a deserted island and survives for years with only a volleyball, Wilson, for company. 263 more words


The Shallows Review

My favourite comment of film criticism this year came courtesy of Danny Leigh on the BBC’s Film 2016 review show. While discussing recent Austrian horror… 755 more words

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Sully - Brand New Featurette!

Tom Hanks is the world’s greatest actor. You’ll have to be so isolated not to have watched at least one of his films. He is certainly a top tier actor who is also sweet, lovely, and awesome! 117 more words

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