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"Kong: Skull Island" Movie Review:

When I first heard about “Kong: Skull Island,” my first thought was “Why the Hell are they making another King Kong movie.” And I wasn’t the only one– in fact, no one would see it with me because they thought the movie would simply be a remake of the 2005 version. 492 more words

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Mar. 31st & Apr. 1st Kong: Skull Island

This Week’s Movie is: Kong: Skull Island

Description: This film fully immerses audiences in the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island. 78 more words


Tom Hiddleston's Yodel

I wanted to hash out some thoughts on I Saw the Light (2015), Marc Abraham’s little-seen and much derided film starring Tom Hiddleston as 1940s-50s country singer Hank Williams. 260 more words


Kong: Skull Island

Its been 12 years since the last Kong movie (which is like 1000 years in Hollywood’s remake/reboot happy world) so now the world is given… 456 more words


"We don't belong here." - Kong: Skull Island Review

Kong certainly has a rich cinematic history.  Since its first appearance in 1933, there’s been a total of seven King Kong films and Kong: Skull Island… 1,542 more words


Kong: Skull Island - Film Review

It’s been 12 years since Peter Jackson’s King Kong film. I liked it, but it was overlong and followed the classic Kong storyline. This is a different Kong story. 417 more words

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Kong: Skull Island - A Movie Review

Let’s keep this fairly simple – if you like King Kong, you’ll like Skull Island.  This is Kong in all his glory.  He’s enormous.  He’s wild.   769 more words