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Roundtable | The Next James Bond

Daniel Craig’s stint as the World’s Greatest Spy is seemingly over. Throughout the long and arduous press tour for his final film, he has not hesitated to hint that he is more than ready to hang up his Walther PPK and return to roles better suited to the talented thespian he regards himself as. 4,988 more words


Only Lovers Left Alive Review

Ever since Twilight, we’ve been spoiled for choice with vampire films. It feels like there was a collective urge amongst filmmakers to wipe the memories of those films from our minds and remind us what makes vampire films so good. 1,051 more words


Face of the Festival

I feel as though it’s been longer than 3 months since I finished school. My Event Marketing post-grad program at Seneca feels more distant than those few months, thanks to the work I have been lucky to find: the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the International Festival of Authors (IFOA). 774 more words


A Conversation With 'High Rise' Director of Photography

I talked to High Rise Director of Photography Laurie Rose about his experience working on the film shortly after they wrapped.

Music In the Dark: What is a ‘day in the life’ like for a director of photography? 926 more words