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Melanie Neilan in Steppenwolf's Domesticated

Melanie Neilan plays the role of Casey, the daughter of a scandal-plagued politician, in Steppenwolf’s Domesticated. The synopsis:

Politician Bill Pulver faces the cameras to stumble his way through a carefully crafted apology as his wife Judy stands stoically behind him…. 148 more words


Devious Maids Season Finale Review is UP

Check out my latest podcast Review of Anatomy of a Murder >>  Devious Maids Podcast Season Finale Review

You can still the finale at the Lifetime tv link today.

Corduroy Enduro 2014

The Honda dealer in Cornwall is a family run business since 1937 and the owner Tom and his daughter participated in the Corduroy Enduro 2014 last weekend. 60 more words

Corduroy Enduro 2014

Chasing Life Scoop: Devious Maids Star Tom Irwin Cast as April's [Spoiler]

As Chasing Life‘s April begins to accept the impact cancer will have on her future, she’ll find herself reflecting on what life was like before her diagnosis — and it turns out, she has a pretty… 86 more words

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Očajni domaćini, Opaki momci - Devious maids

Ovo je jedna od najčekanijih serija prošle godine. Mnogi su očekivali duplikat Očajnih domaćica (Desperate Housewifes) a dobili su nešto potpuno drugačije. Ne mogu da kažem da je ova serija nešto realnija a i muzika je slična onoj u Domaćicama ali tu prestaje poređenje. 1,433 more words


A Puzzle Worth Working On: "A Parallelogram" at the Mark Taper Forum

It’s a provocative question, asked early in Bruce Norris’ play, “A Parallelogram,” now at the Mark Taper Forum. The central character posits “If you know in advance exactly what was going to happen in your life, and how everything was going to turn out, and if you knew you couldn’t do anything to change it, would you still go on with your life?” Once again, the author who won a Pulitzer Prize for his controversial “Clybourne Park” is making an audience pay close attention, laugh from the gut, and ponder. 652 more words


My So-Called Life TV Series

My So-Called Life (TV Series) starring Claire Danes, Jared Leto, A.J. Langer, Devon Gummersall, Wilson Cruz, Devon Odessa, Bess Armstrong, Tom Irwin and Lisa Wilhoit. 120 more words

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