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April 22, 2015: I'm out of the loop

Wednesday, April 22, 2015   10 a.m.  sun stll shining, rain said to come later and cooler air.

One of these days when I feel very much behind the times – tried calling Europe and my cheap way didn’t quite work after dialing 21 numbers – even though it’s long ago we dialed, now we have touch tone. 932 more words

Old And Older

New Pulp Recommendation: Exciting Pulp Tales by Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is simply not as famous as he should be. He’s one of those guys who really kept the pulp fiction flame burning during the long period between the end of the traditional pulps, their transition into men’s adventure paperbacks and finally the current New Pulp movement. 139 more words

New Pulp Recommendations

Mason was granted a wish from Make A Wish Foundation!!!

I haven’t had a chance to share Mason’s magical experience with the Make A Wish foundation yet! In lieu of us joining the Walk for Wishes Charlotte event in October I’d love to fill everyone in!!! 891 more words

Gravy, what gravy?

I recently blogged about an opinion piece Dr Tom Johnson had published in the Napier Mail. He was arguing that the Treaty was creating race based division in New Zealand. 394 more words

The 24-hour redemption of Emily Overholt

One final breath. Five excruciating arm strokes. With an Olympian raging back at her 17-year-old Emily Overholt reaches for the wall. The roof blows clean off. 496 more words


Centre for research seems to lack that basic ability - Letter to Editor Napier Mail

I feel sad that Dr Tom Johnson who seem unable to accept the inevitable (Soap Box – 8/7/15). He quotes the New Zealand Centre for Political Research to justify his claim that Maori claiming recompense for breaches to the Treaty of Waitangi is somehow damaging to social cohesion. 290 more words

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