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Inside Her Story: Harriette Cole’s Road Map To Reaching Your Goals In 2018

Harriette Cole wants to help others achieve their dreams through her Dreamleapers program.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Cole about what steps people can take about to making their biggest dreams come true. 80 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Felipe Esparza’s Wild Story About Crossing Into The United States

Felipe Esparza may not be the typical TJMS guest but he keeps getting invited back because he is funny!

The comedian stopped by the Dallas based studio to promote a local show in the city but that didn’t keep him from bringing big laughs while discussing his family’s journey into the U.S. 56 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Roy Moore Is The ‘Bamma Of The Week’… And No, We Aren’t Surprised

12/15/17 – It’s no surprise that Roy Moore is the Bamma Of The Week after his huge loss to Doug Jones and his other long list of shenanigans. 50 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Black Moms Matter: How Do You Get Into The Holiday Spirit When You’re Not Feeling?

12/14/17- It’s the holiday’s and your kids are raving all about it but you’re not feeling it. What do you do? Sherri goes to the strip club to get a dance from her “Santa.” Kym, on the other hand, dresses her son up like an elf and teaches him how to make her “special eggnog.” 60 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Top Of The Morning: You Ever Put On The ‘Second Face’?

12/14/17- Sherri was hot this morning! She’s had to wear her second face to work with her clear friends who just don’t understand. Everybody knows that face right? 71 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Seriously Ignorant News: Turning Your Arrest Into An Audition

12/14/17-  Seriously Ignorant News correspondent Damon Williams reports on a drunk woman who was found dancing on the hood of her car and man who runs back into a burning building to rescue his phone. 62 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Morning Minute: Omarosa Is OUT!

12/14/17- News of Omarosa Manigault resigning from the White House has spread and people are pretty happy about it. Chris Paul makes a crafty little limerick poem about Manigault’s exit. 60 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show