[RECAP] Underground Season Two, Episode Three: ‘Ache’

This was by far the most violent episode of the entire series. From the domestic violence between Ernestine and Hicks to Rosalee trying to survive on the run to… 789 more words

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HUGGY LOWDOWN: Lying Larry Weighs In, Who Is The Chicken Specialist?

3/22/17- What are the guys talking about in the barber shop these days? The Celebrity Snitch reveals all about Lying Larry and the chicken specialist in New Jersey. 28 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Trump’s Crazy Will Rub Off On Us

3/22/17- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his upcoming trip to DC to protest the upcoming confirmation hearing of the Supreme Court appointee. 36 more words

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MORNING MINUTE: A Little Drinky Drink, Saying Yes To The Massa

3/22/17- What kind of tests do the women jurors on Bill Cosby’s case have to pass? Why did Omarosa cancel her appearance on Trevor Noah? Comedian Chris Paul has the details. 26 more words

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Is Colin Kaepernick Getting A Fair Shot?

3/22/17- Roland Martin talks to ESPN’s Bomani Jones about Colin Kaepernick‘s free agency and if he thinks the Quarterback is getting a fair deal since taking a stance last year. 85 more words

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Bill Bellamy’s Beef: Mechelle Epps Wants What?

3/22/17- You have got to hear why Bill Bellamy is upset with Mike Epps’ wife Mechelle. Do you agree? The funny man says men need more riders a la Camille Cosby. 26 more words

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TOP OF THE MORNING: Dave Is Still Rich, Two Big Handfuls

3/22/17- Did you miss Dave Chapelle two comedy specials? Tom, Sybil and Bill Bellamy weigh in on the comedian and Luenell’s nude shoot for Penthouse magazine. 26 more words