LISTEN: Phil Perry’s ‘Breathless’ Will Take You Away and Shanachie Records invite you to get Breathless. Singer/songwriting Phil Perry has released his latest album and its definitely worth your ear time.

“I look for enough of myself in the song to be the vocal thought of the composer,” reflects… 591 more words

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MORNING MINUTE: 45 Sheds Tears?, Popeyes Wants The Money

2/22/17- Is it true that 45 shed an orange tear while visiting the African American museum? Comedian Chris Paul weighs in and he reveals what will happen when Popeyes and Burger King merge. 9 more words

Tom Joyner Morning Show

Rev. Al Sharpton Defends Trump’s Visit To African-American Museum?

2/22/17- Rev. Al Sharpton talks about Donald Trump’s visit to the African American museum and what it means for a President with his ego.

“It could be a time, if he is willing and wise, for him to say, looking at the history of African Americans and what we’ve been through, that one day he’ll be in that museum as the one who turned back the clock that President Obama did,” Sharpton said. 18 more words

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Donna Brazile Weighs In On Democratic National Convention Selection Process

2/22/17- Roland Martin talks to Donna Brazile about the selection of the new committee members in the Democratic party.

“It was a crucial moment in the party. 89 more words

Roland Martin

Why Is Cathy Hughes Nervous About ‘Media’?

The TV One premiere of Media doesn’t air until this weekend, but the buzz around the network’s original series started in 2016, when news of the movie was first announced. 210 more words

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Bill Bellamy’s Beef: Get It A Rest – The Bromance Is Over

2/22/17- Bill Bellamy wants everyone to get over Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s relationship. Listen below to hear why the funny man wants you to move on. 8 more words

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TOP OF THE MORNING: Students Doing It Big, Trump Stress

2/22/17- Happy Laugh Out Loud Wednesday! Tom, Sybil and Bill Bellamy applaud a group of Math students that are making history and they weigh in on the stress caused by Donald Trump. 27 more words

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