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Silent Shows: Lobo

While DC Comics can have some family-friendly cartoons, Lobo (2000) is the exact opposite because it stays to its R-rated roots and should not be viewed by people under the age of eighteen for the graphic violence, profanity and suggestive innuendos. 104 more words


Timeless Classics: The Matwix

After the immediate success of The Matrix (1999), Warner Brothers made a kid-friendly webtoon that focused on the Looney Tunes called The Matwix (2001).

While the original film is great in its own right, The Matwix is a great kid-friendly alternative with Looney Tunes flair. 51 more words


Terrific Television: Rocko's Modern Life

A milestone for 1990s cartoons, Rocko’s Modern Life (1993-1996) showcases a wallaby living in the United States.

Rocko (Carlos Alazraqui) is a Woody Allen-esque wallaby who is having a tough time at America, even with his dog Spunky and his friends Heffer Wolfe (Tom Kenny) and Filburt (Doug Lawrence). 49 more words


Button Mashers: Spyro Year of the Dragon

Insomniac Studios did their third and final game on Spyro for the PlayStation known as Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000).

Spyro was sent to the Forgotten Worlds because the Sorceress is after the many dragon eggs found throughout the universe. 97 more words


Voices For The Rest Of Hector Con Carne's Organs?

Since Hector Con Carne’s brain is voiced by Hector Con Carne’s voice that is Phil LaMarr, Hector’s feminine stomach was voiced by Armin Shimerman.

This gave me the idea on who should voice the rest of Hector’s organs for a proper ending story arc. 60 more words