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Tom Leykis admits: He blew up the internet


Tom Leykis blows up the Internet Monday through Friday, in his new guise as a profitable podcaster.

While the former Los Angeles radio host boasts that he made a bigger profit in 2014 than the two largest traditional radio concerns, iHeartRadio and Cumulus, the fact is both radio giants lost money, while Leykis eeked out a tiny profit–$2500 on revenues of $527,000. 42 more words


#HELLOTOM! Tom Leykis reports higher profits than either i<3 or Cumeless for 2014.

An article in Talkers Magazine today has Tom Leykis’ tongue in cheek while reporting bigger net profits. Read the entertaining article verbatim, below:

Tom Leykis’ The New Normal Reports 2014 Profit. 325 more words


Ackshun Jackson gives Ronzo Shonuff 44 advice on how to bang girls and goes over his OK Cupid Date from earlier in the day. Then Ackshun teaches Ron and U Tom Leykis 101 rules while Dance Dealer puts them to music featuring Brooklyn NYC’s Pitch Black Brass Band. 234 more words


Double-Edged Sword —

Stigma is a double-edged sword.

I don’t mean that in the traditional “it cuts both ways, positive and negative” definition, but in the “sword with two serrated edges facing opposite directions that shred your flesh and innards going in AND coming out” kind of way. 3,100 more words


Banned on Craigslist: Open letter to my wife (Irvine)

Honey, we have been married over three years now. I am filing for legal separation today. After reassessing my feelings for you, and taking a thorough inventory of our relationship, I have decided that it is time to man up, grow a set of testicles, and cut you from my life like the malignant tumor you are. 3,029 more words