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Washington 'In God We Trust' Display Denied

Last week I typed about a movement in Clark County, Washington led by Tom Mielke to include a display that contains the words ‘In God We Trust’ in the county’s main public hearing room.  479 more words


In ??? We Trust (Updated)

I have been amusingly watching the usual slate of haters going nuts over County Councilor Mielke’s proposal to post the National Motto, “In God We Trust” in the County Building. 662 more words

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Don’t Break Your Arm, Lefty

As expected, since County Commissioner Jeanne Stewart cast the vote defeating Commissioner Mielke’s ordinance, the Lazy C’s Lefty Lou Brancaccio can’t help but crow as if he and that dumbass coffee cup of his were responsible. 466 more words

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Lazy C Pegs Hypocrisy Scale ….. Again!

Leave it to the blight on our community, the local daily mouthpiece for the Democrat Party better known hereabouts as the “Lazy C” to always show us what true hypocrisy looks like. 482 more words

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Do You Want a ‘Functional’ County Commission?

That may sound like an odd question to ask, given the angst over the Clark County Board of Commissioners since the majority switched in 2012 to a more conservative one and that Democrats have a major effort underway now to completely revamp county government in hopes of regaining their power, but it is a question that all should be considering. 1,177 more words

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Motive Matters

“Proposed changes in county charter could be awful.” Clark County Democrat Party, May 2011

“exploring the idea of a home rule charter would be a wild goose chase, seeking to solve problems that are nonexistent.” Columbian newspaper editorial, June 3, 2013… 1,363 more words

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Thank You Commissioner Mielke

How nice to see at last night’s C-Tran Board of Fools Meeting, Commissioner Tom Mielke continued his long standing advocacy for citizens of Clark County. 243 more words