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The Texan (1930)

Serving as a fine follow-up to his 1929 success The Virginian, Gary Cooper, once again takes center stage in an all talking motion picture. Joining him under John Cromwell’s excellent direction is lovely Fay Wray as a south of the border dark haired beauty. 1,125 more words

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Granite Dells, Where Prescott Played

c 2020 by Jan MacKell Collins

Portions of this article originally appeared in the Daily Courier.

Ask anyone around Prescott Arizona, and they will tell you that Granite Dells is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the west. 754 more words

Jan MacKell Collins

‘Tom Mix in Cement’: meaning and origin

The jocular phrase Tom Mix in Cement is a retort to the question what’s on at the pictures?.

With a pun on to mix cement… 681 more words



March 19th in history:

On March 19th, 1918, Congress approved Daylight Saving Time and the formation of time zones across the country.

The first Academy Awards broadcast on television… 73 more words

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November 24, 2015

C. Jack Lewis saw a lot in his 84 years. A Marine Corps veteran of three wars, he was also a self-described “reporter, drunk, editor and hobo” who spent decades on the fringes of Hollywood. 1,026 more words

Trading Slapsticks for Six-Shooters: Week of February 21st, 1920

One hundred years ago this week, Roscoe Arbuckle was hard at work on his first feature-length film, The Round Up, and Grace Kingsley got to visit the set. 1,368 more words

October 12, 1940: The Suitcase of Death

According to his press agent, Tom Mix, the star of 291 full-length westerns was the real thing – a genuine, actual cowboy hero of the American Wild West; born under a sagebrush in Texas, veteran of… 291 more words

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