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Tom Paine: of monarchs, presidents and the cult of personality

Rule of law is king

Various reasons over the past three months have sent me back to Tom Paine’s clear political ideas. They help to answer such disparate issues as the fight between Parliament and the courts over who is responsible for EU withdrawal; the need for more clarity over who rules the United Kingdom (so long as it remains ‘united’): Parliament (legislature) or the government (executive); and the mindless adulation which political characters as wide apart as President’s Trump and Putin on the one hand and Jeremy Corbyn on the other have attracted. 781 more words

Cult Of Personality

Rhetoric of the Revolution

We’re looking at the power of rhetoric through the deists and framers of our country — namely Patrick Henry, Tom Paine, Ben Franklin , Thomas Jefferson… 98 more words

English 11 Honors

The Deist's Thanksgiving Holiday

Deists have it grim in the list of religions.

They are not really given any religious holiday breaks during the year. No particular day is set aside for overeating and gift giving – the only ones gazetted areglued to some form of organised belief. 521 more words


Letters To The Editor...

I occasionally write a letter to the editor of our small town newspaper. They allow me to put my two cents into the topic at hand. 395 more words


Where is Edmund Burke? Where are the Passionate Pragmatists?

Admiring Edmund Burke and Tom Paine equally, may seem eccentric, almost quixotic, but I’ve found it an intellectual necessity.   I’m in the same company as C.L.R. 729 more words

Day 135: The Enlightment

A couple of weeks ago an email popped up in my inbox with the subject line: The Enlightment. I didn’t recognize the sender’s name. The body of the email was empty but there was an attachment titled “EmailtoProfessor.” I’ll be honest, I was a bit anxious about opening it but after consulting with HWMBP, I did. 1,177 more words

Are Americans wild-eyed radicals and killers?

These past few weeks, I have been immersing myself in English history as written by two political historians for a popular audience (the brief books were given me by my dissertation advisor, the super-organized and detail-oriented Alexander Saxton): R. 394 more words

French Revolution