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Cookie Cutter Hard Rock

At one time I was supposed to do a sit in gig with a band as an opening act (free).  The gig fell through but it was a learning experience for me and the style of music, “hard rock” or maybe a better term would be “soft metal”, was quite the work out for these old arms and legs. 487 more words


The Music I Like.

Keep your Justin Bieber and Kanye and Jay-Z and Beyonce. And even Taylor Swift, though I do like her new album and I think she treats her fans right. 77 more words

The Core is Getting Soft.14: Bang a Slate

One of the digital tools I threw in the mix of my new record is SSD4, the drum sampler made by Slate Digital.  It was the first time I used something other than an electronic drum machine to program drums.   1,245 more words


For Every Little Thing That Sounds or Looks Similar, It’s Ridiculous to Sue

It’s understandable if someone takes too much of what you have created. There is a difference between being inspired and stealing. If you have made a hit song or a perfect painting, if it has made millions, why worry about the things that are similar to yours after you have made it? 340 more words


Settled Smoothly & Amicably

(Not our case, but clearly well done by counsel on both sides.)