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Strengths Finder 2.0

I’ve got a soft spot for sports movies. Hoosiers, starring Gene Hackman, is probably my favorite movie of all time. Rudy, the famous true story of a walk-on Notre Dame football player, is ranked highly on my list, as well. 681 more words

Career Advice

It's Lit - 4 Professional Development Reads Worth Investing In

Coming back from a week’s staycation is both rejuvenating and depressing. The days pass so quickly when 8 am mornings slip to 3 pm wake-ups and sundown is at 6. 212 more words

Ten Books I'm Reading (or Recently Read)

We’re redoing our church library and the pastoral staff was asked to compile a list of books we’re reading to make a nice section of recommendations for the church. 876 more words

You're Training ALL WRONG!!

You’re Training ALL WRONG!!

Just a few months ago, I had a student – we’ll call him Malcolm – walk into a tennis lesson and tell me that he needed to work on his backhand. 545 more words


Taking Advantage of your Strengths

“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”
— Benjamin Franklin

If someone asked you ‘What are your top strengths are how do you take advantage of them regularly?’ would you be able to give them a confident answer?   457 more words

Symposium Topic

It's the 8th Day of Bookmas!

As you know by now, we are celebrating all things bookish by recognizing the 12 days of Bookmas, that most wonderful time of the year. This year I’m going to profile a small selection of favourite things on a theme, based on what I’ve read and enjoyed in 2015. 1,200 more words


1 Key Eating Rule Not Just for the Holidays

One of the four books I have on rotation right now is “Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath. Without getting too deep into the overall story, which I’ll visit later down the road in another post, Rath brings up a simple and effective rule to keep in mind over the holiday period. 183 more words