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Tom Robbins is a Gross Old Dude; No One Needs Him: Villa Incognito (2003) Is Thin, Dated and Worth Overlooking

Three Americans go missing after their Flying Fortress disappears over the Laos jungles. A mythological badger-raccoon-dog-creature wines his way through unsuspecting peasant girls until he falls in love and impregnates one in pre-industrial Japan. 1,416 more words


Fighting with Contentment

I used to think…I was cool.  I filled my days and self with…cool ideals.  After a much fought fight with ID, EGO, and the biggest bully of all, SUPER-EGO…there is quite a difference between ‘cool’ and ‘contentment’!

83 more words

Revisiting the Ghosts of Attica

Tom Robbins | The Marshall Project | September 2016 | 22 minutes (3,722 words)

This story was co-published with The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. 3,920 more words


The bad girl book club: My favorite inappropriate YA reads from my own misspent youth

When I was a kid, young adult literature wasn’t called YA. It was called Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret. Thank god for Judy Blume — I’m pretty sure I read everything she wrote (and, thanks to… 653 more words


In Praise of Difficult Literature

Ian McDonald, The Dervish House, Pyr 2010

As an undergrad, as a novelist-in-training, I sought out books like this and devoured them, ceaseless as some creature that follows the doctrine of the shark: keep moving or die. 3,040 more words

Science Fiction

Cleaning Hell

I’ve scaled the deep and tall well.

Witnessed while friends clean hell

No windows looking out

Only windows looking in

Still the question…who will be the first to judge my sin? 32 more words


Poetry and Politics?

What is politics, after all, but the compulsion to preside over property and make other peoples’ decisions for them? Liberty, the very opposite of ownership and control, cannot, then, result from political action, either at the polls or the barricades, but rather evolves out of attitude. 196 more words