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Sometimes You CAN Judge a Book By Its Cover

I’m a writer as well as a sloooowly developing artist, and I love books, especially older books which were designed with care and treated as something more than bundles of information. 257 more words

“The longer Ellen Cherry thought about it, the more convinced she became that the mission of the artist in an overtechnologized, overmasculinized society was to call the old magic back to life.”

– Tom Robbins


Tom Robbins: "I am in a state of grace"

“From Whitman to Steinbeck to Kerouac, and beyond to the restless brood of the seventies, the American road has represented choice, escape, opportunity, a way to somewhere else. 491 more words

Sunday, 4.19.15

“Breathe properly. Stay curious. And eat your beets.”

/Tom Robbins

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After about a 45 minute post-shift debrief at home – at 1am – where I deconstructed a suicide call I had just taken at the shelter (which ultimately went fine, but one always second guesses whether it could have been handled better), the conversation took a more macabre turn, and I was asked what 5 books would I take to the compound – after the apocalypse hits and it would be up to us to re-civilize the world (5 being the only number of books I could take). 398 more words


4 Books that Were Better the Second Time Around

There are some books that are better the second time we read them. Sometimes this is because we were forced to read them so were determined to hate them, and sometimes it’s just because we grew up a little. 899 more words

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