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paradox will

“Don’t ever bet against paradox, ladies. If complexity doesn’t beat you, then paradox will.”

— Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues


hypnotize a chicken

Still sitting, Jelly focuses her dreamy gaze on the rooster. “Someday,” she says to the empty seat next to her, “if that Sissy Hankshaw ever shows up here again, I’m gonna teach her how to hypnotize a chicken. 32 more words


his pianist sweetheart Clara

“Around 1830, when he was twenty years old, the composer Robert Schumann subjected the fingers of his right hand to a stretching machine. Schumann’s purpose was to escalate his progress toward piano virtuosity, his pianist sweetheart Clara having expressed dismay over the length of his reach. 59 more words


Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins is a man who is a lover of women. Anyone who has read his novels, short stories, or poems will have been hit with a good dose of feminine adorative diction. 215 more words


The Back Blurb Sells Your Book: thoughts on novel-blurbing

Now.  If you had, say, recently completed a novel and were, oh I don’t know, picking out blurbs to sell said novel– you’d probably reject “capably written sentences” or “fair-to-middlin’ characters”. 469 more words


choice, escape, opportunity

“From Whitman to Steinbeck to Kerouac, and beyond to the restless broods of the seventies, the American road has represented choice, escape, opportunity, a way to somewhere else. 23 more words


dredge any flavor

“But it can’t be repeated. One can’t repeat oneself. Not and dredge any flavor out of life.”

— Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues