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Tom Strong by Alan Moore

Alan Moore is a comic book writing GOD! If you want to argue that with me, knowing something of his resume, then I can only assume the level of graphic novels or comic books you can handle ranks only as intelligently stimulating as Archie or Daffy Duck. 562 more words

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Tom Strong 25 (May 2004)

The guest writers continue with Geoff Johns. He has John Paul Leon on the art for a pseudo-eclectic story of a Tom Strong fan who has the power to reshape reality when he’s upset. 155 more words

Tom Strong

Tom Strong 24 (March 2004)

What did I just read? Hogan’s back writing again and he does a decent enough job scripting, but the plotting is a disaster.

It starts okay–Tom Strong’s ex-girlfriend (from the thirties) turns out to be a cryogenically preserved ice person and he’s trying to help her. 141 more words

Tom Strong

Tom Strong 23 (January 2004)

Sprouse is back for this fast-paced done-in-one with Tom, Tesla and Val on the moon helping Svetlana find her missing husband. There’s a nice opening with Telsa and Val–he’s still learning English and it’s frustrating her. 146 more words

Tom Strong

Tom Strong 22 (December 2003)

Moore brings it all together for the Tom Stone finale. He even gets around to a scene or two I really wasn’t expecting. It turns out there are drawbacks to a more emotional Tom Strong or Tom Stone. 162 more words

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Tom Strong 21 (October 2003)

The Tom Stone story continues with Moore doing a combination alternate history lesson of the twentieth century–with Tom Stone and the good Saveen rehabilitating all the villains instead of fighting them–and wink at the traditional Tom Strong back story. 159 more words

Alan Moore

Tom Strong 20 (June 2003)

Jerry Ordway guest pencils for a special alternate history story. The shipwreck on the tropical island goes differently and so there’s never a Tom Strong. Instead, there’s a Tom Stone, son of Tom Strong’s mother and the ship captain. 155 more words

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