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FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD (2015) movie review

There are no crowds in this story. The whole tale takes place far from the so-called “madding” or potentially crazy-making city crowds. The English countryside does hold a special magic. 477 more words


"Far from the Madding Crowd" Film Review

While I haven’t had the chance to watch many movies this year, I’m not going to pass up on the opportunity to write about one of my favourite actresses nor having beautiful accompany photos of her on my blog, even if I did watch Far from the Madding Crowd two plus weeks ago. 645 more words


Film Review: Far From the Madding Crowd: Endearing Feminist Romance

I have a confession to make: I really, really, really love Period Dramas. There’s just something about history that I’m so transfixed by: the fashion, the scenery, the old customs. 455 more words


American Buffalo May 25th, '15

What will stay with you in this play is definitely the introduction of Teach into the group of two, Donny Dubrow (the owner of a junk shop) and Bobby, his drug addict help. 545 more words

London Westend

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

Thomas Hardy’s book may have been groundbreaking in 1874 but we’ve seen plenty of films telling a similar story since its release. In this third remake of Hardy’s novel, Carey Mulligan plays protagonist Bathsheba Everdene, a beautiful, independent woman in Victorian England who stands against societal norms of the day. 626 more words

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Movie Trailer: Far From the Madding Crowd

This is one movie I want to watch. Not that I know the story, but from the trailer, the heroine Bathsheba seems to be a woman ahead of her times–independent, strong, not willing to be a woman who relies on a man for anything. 27 more words


Far from the Madding Crowd

This latest screen adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel is a film in which the cinematography ostensibly comprises three elements; innumerable close-ups of Carey Mulligan as feisty farmer Bathsheba Everdene, sweeping panoramas of the English countryside (rolling hills, spectacular sunsets and the like) and myriad moments of men standing slack-jawed and beholden to the splendour of a woman who bewitches them the moment they lay eyes on her. 558 more words

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