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The Dark Tower (2017)

When the credits began to roll at the end of The Dark Tower, I found myself eager to start reading the books. Sadly, it was not because the movie intrigued me (far from it). 423 more words


Step Forward (Injustice 2 #32 Comic Review)

His name is Barry Allen and he’s the Fastest Man Alive. When the Regime began their conquest of the world he stood idly by. But with the death of Billy Batson, Shazam, he learned the errors of his ways.

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Adult Jean Grey returns to lead the X men Red

With the return of the adult Jean Grey  we now have a new  X men team book run by the telepathic red head .  Jean Grey’s team of X-Men will include the All-New Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Wolverine’s sister Gabby, Wakandan mutant Gentle, Namor the Sub-Mariner and a new hero, Trinary. 72 more words


Breaking Down Adult Jean Grey's Marvel Return in X-MEN RED and PHOENIX RESURRECTIION

Following the recent news that the adult version of beloved Marvel character Jean Grey is set to make her eagerly-anticipated return 889 more words

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X-MEN RED: A Mind-Blowing New Team Battling The World’s Most Dangerous Mutants!

Fans were surprised and shocked at the news of adult Jean Grey’s return to the Marvel Universe in the upcoming and highly anticipated PHOENIX RESURRECTION (on sale in December), but the 5-issue epic is only the beginning of exciting new adventures of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters. 398 more words

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X-Men Red Announced as New Ongoing Series!

X-Men: Red
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Cover Artist: Travis Charest
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Fresh off the news of Jean Grey’s Resurrection and rebirth in Marvel Legacy, Marvel Comics has announced a new ongoing title Starring the original X-Woman!

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Paradise Lost part 3 (Injustice 2 #31 Comic Review)

The war of the Amazons has begun. They now stand divided into two factions; those loyal to the imprisoned Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) and those standing by Queen Hippolyta.

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