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Art lies....

“Art lies in environment, in our point of view, and the angle from which we see life.”

~ Emily Carr

Tom Thomson


“When Andre Malraux wrote in his Psychologie de l’Art: ‘We perceive that the plastic arts are never born out of a way of seeing the world but out of a way of making it,’ he meant of making a world autonomous and in the light of eternity, one that is timeless and above the earthly, rational and practical one.   76 more words

Tom Thomson

He was not discouraged.

“Lawren Harris, recently elected President of the Federation of Canadian Artists, has been in Ottawa lately to feel out the situation with regard to the Government’s attitude towards the Federation’s program for the development of the arts in Canada by the establishment of community art centres throughout the Dominion. 42 more words

Tom Thomson

Art & Psychology

“In free graphic productions, the individual provides a permanent record of his reactions and expressions that is as objective as a photographed sequence of his behavior and often more comprehensive. 202 more words

Tom Thomson

A sister's letter.

Tom’s eldest sister, Elizabeth (seated third from the left) wrote to Dr MacCallum on February 19th, 1918: Why (Shanon) Fraser put up this bread and butter yarn puzzles me. 34 more words

Tom Thomson

Show and tell.

“Artefacts are considered by some as a language of interaction.  The exploration of artefacts as another language  invited us to consider that their use could complement traditional…approaches…to motivate the use of artefacts as another language element, which might illuminate the complex human interactions that take place within projects.   32 more words

Tom Thomson