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Margaret Thomson Tweedale – Tom’s youngest sister. She was born in 1884 and passed away in 1979.  She and Tom were very close. In 1920, after working as a school teacher for fifteen years, she married a Scottish born Great War Veteran named William Tweedale. 8 more words

Tom Thomson

A strange visitor.

Photo taken by Tom Thomson

I had a strange visitor today. He didn’t tell me his name, but he knew mine well enough. And he knew that I knew the Park inside and out. 22 more words

Tom Thomson

Only unproven.

In this project, we will explore the less-documented times in Thomson’s life. Using real places and events as a jumping off point we delve into the idea of how memory and conjecture can create alternative, but not necessarily false, only unproven, narratives. 28 more words

Tom Thomson

Caveat emptor.

This is from a listing on Ebay advertising an “authentic” Tom Thomson “print”. (quotes are ours)

  1. Tom Thomson produced approximately 300 artworks in his lifetime.
  2. 77 more words
Tom Thomson

The Rise of True Fiction.

The Rise of True Fiction

Some of the best new films and books live between genres

read the full article here: True fiction.

Tom Thomson

Fact. Fiction. Fraud.

Does context or intent determine which is which?

Tom Thomson