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The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson

Canada’s vast wilderness contains a great deal of beauty – and a great deal secrets. Of all it’s mysteries, one of the biggest concerns the death of painter Tom Thomson. 308 more words


Perspectives on Canadian Artist Tom Thomson, 2016

Modern art critics and academics have fairly uniformly tended to downplay the ‘skilled woodsman’ aspect of Tom Thomson. They have apparently seen it as getting in the way of a true, demythologized evaluation of his art. 258 more words

Algonquin Park

In the Land of the Great Canadian Painters

Two weeks ago, I visited Oxtongue Lake and Algonquin Provincial Park. Being a fan of A.J. Casson and the Group of Seven, it was fun to visit their old stomping ground. 345 more words


Art + Innovation

Every now and then, a student will surprise me.  My grade 9 art class is studying the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and Emily Carr as part of their final task.   140 more words

Art Education

Gallery Opening a Success!

On Sunday, May 15 the Owen Sound Camera Club officially opened their photo exhibition at the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery. And what a successful opening it was! 190 more words


Tom Thomson's Rosedale Valley Ravine

Tourists coming to Canada eventually are directed to the McMichael Gallery to get the sense of Canada through the eyes of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson. 145 more words


Painting the Wilderness of the Oxtongue

Feature Documentary | 73 minutes


“they would canoe out into the land and walk for miles to get to the right spot, and it’s that direct experience in the land, and the direct relationship as a human being to the land, that they were able to capture.” 604 more words

A. J. Casson