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The Better Team Lost! Exploring Soccer's Phases of Play: Part 1 - Attacking Phases

By Tom Turner

Part I. The Attacking Phases

Attacking and Building-up
Soccer is a game of passing and dribbling, with the objective of scoring more goals than the opponent. 1,410 more words

Working With Players


We are such stuff as dreams are made on.

Gregory Doran’s latest venture as Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company was met with almost tempestuous excitement/apprehension.

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Happy Holidays from CoachDeck!

We’d like to wish you a magical and happy holiday season. And please accept today’s OnDeck Newsletters as our holiday gift to you! You’ll find tons of great information about youth sports in both issues and you can… 10 more words

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The Better Team Lost!: Exploring Soccer’s Phases of Play

By Tom Turner

Anyone who has been around soccer for any length of time will appreciate that the better team doesn’t always win. In no other sport can a team dominate possession, dominate the number of scoring chances, dominate the number of attacking restarts, and yet fail to secure a worthy result. 730 more words

Working With Players

The Tempest RSC 2016 review

 THE TEMPEST (LINKED) has been in preparation for two years, Royal Shakespeare Company,  in collaboration with Intel so that Ariel can move on stage and also create a live-motion hologram. 10 more words

Gregory Doran

The We Plays

Following critical success with The Me Plays, Andrew Maddock now brings The We Plays to Islington’s Hope Theatre.

Though two distinct plays separated by an interval, they are linked by common themes of love, loss, hidden pain & the resilience of the human spirit. 535 more words

I Am The Only One That Is Invisible

Tom Turner — Image by kenne

The poem “Invisible Man,” by Pablo Neruda gets inside me, stirring my very being, mixing the past, present and images of the future. 311 more words