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Phil Friday: Phil Phillips' Sea Of Simpsons Love

You might recognize this single if you’re a diehard Simpsons fan. I say diehard because even though I still watch the show every week, I miss stuff. 167 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Painting - Sketchbook

Acrylic on Paper

Contact: janie.fineart@gmail.com


$29.00, by Tom Waits

little black girl in a red dress
on a hot night with a broken shoe
little black girl you shoulda never left home
theres probly someone thats still waitin up for you… 307 more words


Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis, by Tom Waits

hey charlie i’m pregnant
and living on the 9th street
right above a dirty bookstore
off euclid avenue
and i stopped takin dope
and i quit drinkin whiskey… 265 more words


The Coming Frost


Fire up that stogie and come sit down here next to me by the bonfire and I’ll tell ya a-lil story.  Now, pay no mind to them bullfrogs moaning down there by the river, just settle on in and have a pull off my bottle of Thunderbird.   150 more words

Broken World

Top 10 Franks In Music

1. Blank Frank Brian Eno

2. I’m Frank The Fall

3. He’s Frank The Monochrome Set

4. Frank Ween

5. Frank Sinatra Cake

6. Frank’s Wild Years  18 more words