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Take a good long drink

I recently read Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree, a charity shop find and a novel that I was not aware of before seeing it there on the shelf. 453 more words


I think it was Brian who said ‘You know, Elvis shaking his hips with his acoustic guitar and people were freaking out. Ten year’s later there’s Hendrix spraying his guitar with lighter fluid and setting it on fire – what the hell is gonna happen in thirty years?

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Ugly Music

Tom Waits - The Earth Died Screaming

Ramshackle Blues from the junkyard Hell that Waits inhabits. Brilliant track from Waits’ top notch 1992 album ‘Bone Machine’ where Harry Partch, Dr. John, and Captain Beefheart are all swimming in the same bubbling Gumbo pot.


Tom Waits

There’s no prayer like desire. — Tom Waits, from “Black Market Baby,” Mule Variations. (1999)


Musical Poetry

Welcome to my first post :) I decided to post about musical poetry. Music in itself can be seen as a form of poetry because it is a form of creative writing. 249 more words


August 14: Abba, Nick Cave, Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits, Zombies

Abba, ‘Arrival’.

In many ways this is a typical pure pop album: great singles (five of them) dotted among bad album tracks. The all-treble production has dated, though, and with its low-in-mix drum machine and invisible bass, ‘Dancing Queen’ must be the least rhythm-driven song to have the word ‘dancing’ in its title. 375 more words