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A Viral Video They're Not Touting on Left-wing Sites

Far too many people on the left, while they are not liable to think of themselves as Marxists in so many words, are influenced by Marxist ideas. 1,330 more words


The Best Books We Were Assigned in High School

Of all the books you were assigned in high school, which was the best? 1,315 more words


The Saturday Read - Tom Wolfe, 'I Am Charlotte Simmons'

When this week’s selection for ‘The Saturday Read’ was released in 2004 the reviews were brutal and unusual for a writer with the reputation of… 760 more words

The Saturday Read

Another Photo Tales Entry

My poem ‘Stars and Ladybugs’ has been posted on Tom Wright’s blog, Captioned, as the latest entry in his series of Photo Tales posts. Take a look here to see the poem paired with the photograph that inspired it: … 10 more words


The best character is the least likeable in Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full is filled with characters: most of them are unlikeable egomaniacs doing despicable things whose goal is the stereotypical American dream: power, wealth, status, and marriage. 859 more words


Baumann and Burch, Episode 8: Author Cheese Wheel

Matt and I, in this newest podcast, take on a topic which we are intimately familiar with and which we have spent virtually no time on in these podcasts: … 58 more words


Back to School: The Best Books I've Read for Academic Courses

Learning about the Japanese Diet while indulging in the American one

    From Kindergarten through my senior year of high school, English was essentially the only class for which I read books that weren’t of the McGraw-Hill variety. 1,335 more words

Book Review