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NASA Seeks Ultra-lightweight Materials with the Right Stuff

To enable human journey to Mars 

Space news (January 2, 2015) The NASA development laboratory – In 1979 Tom Wolfe published The Right Stuff, a book about the first test pilots and astronauts chosen for NASA’s space program. 275 more words


Mad Men: Person to Person, or A New Day, New Ideas, A New You

There are several tried and true ways to end a beloved TV series.  You can end the “story” of the series, disperse the characters, and send them on with the rest of their lives – the approach taken by “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Office.”  You can project the characters into the future so we can see what will become of them (the so-called American Graffiti approach adopted by Six Feet Under and The Wonder Years).  3,815 more words

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TV Puts the Me in Media

Narcissus loves himself, that’s for sure

In 1976 Tom Wolfe famously called the 1970s The Me Decade.”Ordinary Americans, he claimed, having absorbed the lessons of the free-spirited countercultural 1960s, had decided to throw off the shackles of culture, community, and tradition to seek their own self-fulfillment. 716 more words

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Wrights and infectious stuff

The brothers who ultimately stand atop the Right Stuff pyramid, knew all about infectious stuff, like bacteria and dreams.

A pair of separate events occurred in 1896 in which the human spirit triumphed in confronting the deadly age-old bacterial infection, typhoid fever. 477 more words

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The Fountainhead of Youth

Padriac Steinschneider, honcho of the New York chapter of the Congress of the New Urbanism, was as miffed as I was by the reflections of the Dallas Morning News architecture critic Mark Lamster on the CNU proceedings at Dallas last week. 1,278 more words

Architecture History

You're My Thrill

I was in an exceptionally good vocal space when I decided to give this a go. Whenever Idiocracy-themed voices start to yell at me how I’m ‘tarded, … 503 more words

We Are Feminism (and So Can You!)

Long Live the Editor!

Over the past week, I’ve spent a good chunk of time reading a 300-page manuscript for my writers’ group. The novel is a work in progress for sure, flowing well in some places, meandering in others (in fact, I just made a note to cut Chapter 10 all together). 672 more words