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Tom Wolfe and Henry Reed

I have been finishing up my book Lost Providence, girding my loins on the adrenaline rush of Tom Wolfe’s 1981 bestseller From Bauhaus to Our House… 946 more words


You Can’t Go Home Again: Coming Back to the Crash

Before I say anything else, I have a thing to say about the title of this post.  The phrase, “you can’t go home again” was coined by Thomas Wolfe, America’s greatest writer; not Tom Wolfe, the white-suit-wearing fuck.  756 more words

Pilgrims, whales and trolls

Things are a bit topsy-turvy right now. Or maybe it’s just in my mind, which goes a bit awry at times. But at the same time as clearing out the flat, I was preparing for the imminent launch of… 223 more words

Perfume Island

Book Review: The Right Stuff

Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff (1979) is both an intimate look into the lives of early American aviators as well as a thorough review of the development of NASA and U.S. 561 more words

Historical Fiction

“The heart of my thinking is that language is man-made,” he tells me. “It’s not a result of evolution, and it is only language that enables human beings to control nature.”

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The Bonfire of the Vanities Movie Review

For over a quarter century, I’ve known Brian De Palma’s The Bonfire of the Vanities only by its reputation. Its very, very bad reputation. The picture belongs in a category along with Heaven’s Gate, Ishtar, Last Action Hero, Waterworld and others as The Giant Hollywood Bomb. 646 more words


Another Tiresome Insult to Academics


The latest work by celebrated gonzo journalist and novelist Tom Wolfe, The Kingdom of Speech, is a book-length essay that tries to pillory the academic study of language, targeting along the way for special vitriol none other than Charles Darwin and Noam Chomsky.  698 more words