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I just finished Ted Morgan’s rather long biography of William Burroughs. For a guy who shot his wife dead and was a heroin addict most of his life, not to mention a weird sort of homosexual avatar, Burroughs had many glittering friends and a remarkably dull life. 883 more words


Tom Wolfe: "'If you become indignant, this elevates you to the plane of “intellectual.”"

“If you become indignant, this elevates you to the plane of “intellectual.” No mental activity is required. It is a rule, to which there has never been an exception, that when an actor or a television performer rises up to the microphone at one of these awards ceremonies and expresses moral indignation over something, he illustrates Marshall McLuhan’s dictum that “moral indignation is a standard strategy for endowing the idiot with dignity.””

– Tom Wolfe, here

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Io sono Charlotte Simmons - Tom Wolfe #tomwolfe

“Loneliness wasn’t just a state of mind, was it? It was tactile. She could feel it. It was a sixth sense, not in some fanciful play of words, but physically. 1,207 more words


Child of Darkness: Chapter Six

Passing through his secretary’s office that was located outside of his, McArizzry picked a couple of peppermints from the crystal dish on the desk. Removing the wrapper, he popped one in his mouth, chucking the clear wrapper in the trashcan under Gina’s desk. 2,432 more words

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The Bonfire of the Vanities - Review

Tom Wolfe 

Bantam Books (1987), 704 pages

Second Hand

The Bonfire of the Vanities is one of the select group of books that I’ve read more than once.  565 more words

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NASA Seeks Ultra-lightweight Materials with the Right Stuff

To enable human journey to Mars 

Space news (January 2, 2015) The NASA development laboratory – In 1979 Tom Wolfe published The Right Stuff, a book about the first test pilots and astronauts chosen for NASA’s space program. 309 more words