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There were dinners like this all over the East Side of Manhattan every night, he had soon discovered, lavish parties that were all English or all French or all Italian or all European; no Americans, in any case.

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The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test - Tom Wolfe

This book…….so much to say about this book in both the journey it sent me on, how I came across it and of course it’s contents, but that’s really the least important thing by and large. 778 more words

Las Vegas Bee Sting

She had never been stung before. Her skin was pure, untouched by much of anything. Which is saying a lot for any girl of seventeen, usually by this point blemished and tainted in every way, whether as a result of tattoos, piercings, dalliances with men, bug bites or otherwise. 2,074 more words

Genna Rivieccio

“[H]e could see the island of Manhattan off to the left. The towers were jammed together so tightly, he could feel the mass and stupendous weight.Just think of the millions, from all over the globe, who yearned to be on that island, in those towers, in those narrow streets!

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Brilliant Book Titles #134

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I looked around and people’s faces were distorted…lights were flashing everywhere…the screen at the end of the room had three or four different films on it at once, and the strobe light was flashing faster than it had been…the band was playing but I couldn’t hear the music…people were dancing…someone came up to me and I shut my eyes and with a machine he projected images on the back of my eye-lids…I sought out a person I trusted and he laughed and told me that the Kool-Aid had been spiked and that I was beginning my first LSD experience…