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Reverence for Leaders: A Misplaced Conservative Ethic

from Tom Woods Podcasts

There are so many podcast episodes that come out of Tom Woods and TomWoods.com that saying “This is the best podcast ever” loses its meaning . 217 more words

Tom Woods

Why I Haven't Shut Down This Blog

I’m in a blunt mood, so bear with me.

After Charlottesville, I was “this” close to shutting down this blog. I wanted to close it and pretty much never discuss politics again and focus on other personal endeavors. 845 more words

Building a libertarian system with the help of self-determination

When I first came across the article “For a New Libertarian” by Jeff Deist, president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, I appreciated how well it encapsulates a certain perspective within the libertarian movement, and I thought about writing a response on this blog. 1,643 more words

Dear Catholics, what's it going to be? Papal Idolatry or defense of the faith?

Wow!  When it comes to politics in Catholic teaching, it is hard to find anyone better than Tom Woods to deliver terrific interviews with key thinkers in the debate.   754 more words


"Identify your financial goals and build your strategy around [them]"

A fantastic interview. Never heard of Hunter Thompson, the real estate investor, before. This is excellent.  Don’t miss it.  He answered my concerns about gold as an investment. 1,246 more words

Tom Woods

Why The Libertarian Movement Is Dead

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you Exhibits A and B.

Brink Lindsey is the vice president of the Cato Institute, a D.C.-based libertarian think tank.  136 more words