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118 Western and American History Lectures: Tom Woods, Liberty Classroom

Dear Stormfields Readers,

First, as always, thank you!

Second, I’m really pleased to announce that the grand and wondrous Tom Woods will soon be releasing 118 audio lectures I’ve delivered on western and American civilization. 158 more words

What is Behind Politically Correct Intimidation? | Links I Like

In todays Links I Like  post, Tom Woods gives a talk about the recent trend of political correctness being used as an intimidation tool in the ongoing war for political power. 100 more words


Using anti-fascism, anti-racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, Cultural Marxists work to destroy white, male, Christian and traditional moral values

from the Tom Woods Show.

  1. Cultural Marxism is not a form of Marxism.
  2. Cultural Marxism is a term of derision from critics of the Frankfurt School, mostly on the inter-war right.
  3. 2,136 more words
Tom Woods

Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School

Paul Gottfried is interviewed by Tom Woods. Listen here. For those who are unfamiliar with Paul Gottfried’s work, he is well worth checking out. Probably the best right-wing critic of the Left out there. 190 more words

North and South Korea Making Peace?

Tom Woods interviews Michael Malice, one of the West’s most insightful commentators on North Korea. Listen here. I’d like for the upcoming Trump-Kim summit to be a “Nixon Goes to China” moment, and for Kim Jong-Un to become the DPRK’s Deng Xiaoping. 67 more words

The Truth About War Powers, the Military-Industrial Complex, and Militarism in American Culture

Tom Woods interviews leading antiwar commentator Scott Horton. Listen here.

This is what our so-called “antifascists” should be attacking, rather than forming a neoconservative-liberal international-human rights imperialist-antifascist axis in service of the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabi empire. 37 more words