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GOLDBUG: Gold prevents theft by the politicians


Ep. 529 Leftist Site Attacks Gold Standard; Here’s Our Smackdown
9th November 2015
Tom Woods

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ThinkProgress, the heresy-hunting thought-control site, lashed out at Ted Cruz last week for advocating some kind of tie between the dollar and gold. 472 more words


Libertarian site of the week: Tom Woods.com

Tom Woods may not have been the individual that got me into being a libertarian but he has greatly expanded my knowledge of libertarian principles. He runs a daily podcast where he discusses various issues of libertarianism ranging from the Fed, Austrian Economics, First principles and so on. 65 more words


Are libertarian graphic artists needed?

As a graphic artist and illustrator, I’ve got to be honest. Sometimes it feels like the vast majority of people really don’t understand the value of a well designed brochure, eye-catching poster, or custom created illustration. 554 more words

Austrians Wrong on Maximum Hours Legislation?

Tom Woods had a podcast out recently in which he gave the Austrian explanation of the effect of maximum hours legislation:

Let’s take maximum hours legislation because that seems harmless enough.

590 more words

Today's Tom Sawyer: Tom Woods and Brad Birzer Talk Neil Peart

My good friend, the ever intrepid master of integrity, Tom Woods, and I had a blast talking about Neil Peart.  We got into his drive, his honesty, and his politics.   19 more words

Progressive Rock

Government and Working Conditions

Must government intervene in the economy to bring about improved working conditions? No. Should government intervene in the economy to bring about improved working conditions? Again, no. 98 more words