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"What's the alternative to America-First: America 7th, 13th? What number would you like me to assign to America . . . ?"

Here are the show notes.

This was one of the best assessments I’ve heard so far on a lot of interesting topics from Donald Trump to America-First Committee to making anti-war movies.   1,526 more words


The Legitimacy of the State of Israel from a Libertarian Perspective

Here it is folks. Enjoy the show…

I will write a follow-up on the statute of limitations issue shortly.

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PREPARE for Something Amazing! My Debate With Jeremy Hammond on Israel Will Air Tonight

Wow that was SO much fun. What a thrill to be on the Tom Woods show! He really is one of my favorite, if not actually my #1 favorite libertarian speaker. 605 more words

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The Economic Problem

Over the years, economics has taken on many different roles than the intended scientific discipline of human action. The study of economics has been broken up into separate, and often competing “schools” of thought. 1,067 more words


Debating Jeremy Hammond on Israel on the Tom Woods Show

I’ll  be debating Jeremy Hammond on the Tom Woods show next week, on the legitimacy of the State of Israel. I will be arguing from a minarchist perspective even though I am an anarcho-capitalist. 54 more words

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Labor Strikes Threaten Other Workers. Duh.

I have enjoyed the last few episodes of the Tom Woods Show.  In particular, his podcasts. The most recent being Episode 730 on Labor Unions.  I wished I’d known this about labor unions decades ago.   310 more words

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Fascism: Not Powerful, Nor Successful. Anti-fascism, Now That Is Scary

via Robert Wenzel at TargetLiberty

This is one of the best discussions I’ve ever heard on fascism.  Loved it.  Perfect for those who have to incur name calling when arguing  with Social Justice warriors.   855 more words

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