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How to Respond to School Shootings

Tom Woods interviews Larry Correia.

The best discussion I’ve heard on school shootings.

Tom Woods

"The amateur believes that he must first overcome his fear, then he can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome."

This was an excellent show. The author explains how to build productive habits in a way that are completely logical, but also remarkably counterintuitive from all of the self-help mumbo-jumbo. 979 more words

Tom Woods

Libertarians Have a Class Theory, Too (and It’s Better Than Marx’s)

A great interview of Gary Chartier by Tom Woods. Listen here.

I can’t recommend Gary’s book more highly. It’s available at Amazon. These classical liberal class theorists along with the… 201 more words

Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee Returns From Facebook Jail

The Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee, a group formed to “ the Libertarian Party and the broader market libertarian movement in a more militantly anti-fascist direction, making fascists feel entirely unwelcome in libertarian circles, and working with other anti-fascist movements on areas of agreement in efforts to combat fascism outside of libertarian circles as well,” was recently removed from Facebook for a political cartoon displaying Ron Paul as a member of the KKK. 171 more words


Debate: Can the Free Market Provide National Defense?

This is a great discussion between Todd Lewis and Bob Murphy about the viability of non-state/private “national defense” services. I have an old essay about this topic… 34 more words


Cliches of Statism, and How to Answer Them

Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux discuss many of the cliches libertarians find themselves having to answer, involving child labor, labor unions, monopolies, the environment, and more. 530 more words

Dave Rubin on the Left’s Drift, and Striking Out on His Own

Dave Rubin is interviewed by Tom Woods. Listen here.

Rubin talks about how the Left has become a totalitarian monolith, while conservatives and libertarians are now the free speech/diversity of ideas camp. 137 more words