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Education. Indoctrination. Whats the Difference?

Right Wing Child Indoctrination a video by Harmful Opinions has in my opinion a lot of appeal to emotions then arguments, like kids being used for an ad being cringe is emotional and not an argument. 279 more words


Tom Woods Commenter Dialog: "Death by HR"

[Death by HR: How Affirmative Action Cripples Organizations]

The Tom Woods podcast on Death by HR is here, and on Youtube here.

On Tom Woods’ site, a commenter with a long career in HR had a number of criticisms of the interview, though he had not actually bothered to read the book — the HR version of “skim until offended,” jumping to conclusions about the content of the book and spending more time criticizing and reacting than looking deeper. 5,904 more words


Debate/Discussion: Should Libertarians Support a Basic Income Guarantee?

An interesting discussion of this question between Matt Zwolinski (pro) and  Tom Woods (con). Listen here.

Some voices in the libertarian world have argued that a basic income guarantee for everyone would be better than the current welfare state from a pragmatic point of view. 136 more words

"What do you call people you can't talk to? Enemies."

Tom Woods interviews Jordan Peterson.  The interview is terrific, insightful, and hopeful. For everybody. You don’t want to miss this show.  It really is great, and when you listen to it you’ll want to follow through on his program.   936 more words


The Politicized Economy: Populism, Propaganda, and Pandemonium

The November Jobs Report was Disappointing, but not surprising. The Economy, that has been on life support for all of the Obama presidency, shows no sign of real growth. 890 more words


Why Yes California Will Be A No-Go

Tom Woods’ latest blog post goes through the hilariously pitiful spectacle that is the California secession effort.

Because Yes California is a leftist organization, even when it’s right it’s wrong.

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Central Government

How to Fight Against the Crazies...Use Liberty Classroom

Do you ever feel alone in this world, with a differing view from the popular, liberal, socialist, non-Biblically based politically correct views out there? Are you fighting for the fruits of liberty? 611 more words