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The Video that Made Me A Libertarian

My journey politically went from anti-government in my youth, mainstream conservative in my teens, paleo-conservative/constitutionalist in my early twenties, and finally libertarian anarchist in my mid twenties. 608 more words


Tom Woods is right about the 3x5 card

Tom Woods is right, the typical political debate occurs on a 3×5 card of ‘allowable opinion’. When I first read his book, Real Dissent, I didn’t put too much stock into the concept of the 3×5 card. 105 more words


Peter Schiff on Investing, and What's Coming in 2015


Peter Schiff talks oil, Greece, the Fed, the ECB, where people should put their money, and more.

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Tom Woods at The Mises Institute - Secession, the reasonable option

A most excellent lecture on Secession:

Tom Woods Website is HERE.

During the opening of this lecture Tom dumped on the Iraq War. Even though I agree with most of what he said in the lecture, this topic of American Intervention in Iraq is where I part company with my Libertarian pals. 252 more words

Classical Liberalism