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Police Radars, Spare Donuts, V-8s, V-6s, and KIAs

You like cars?  This is a great show.

Woods announced that 93% of his audience is male audience.  That’s quite a percentage. Cool.

Give a listen to his interview with Eric Peters… 1,220 more words

Tom Woods

Hillbilly Elegy: Self-Destructive Ideas & Behaviors

Listened to Ep. 706 Hillbilly Elegy: Self-Destructive Ideas & Behaviors @ThomasEWoodshttps://t.co/5VZ56eiHxk@JDVance1#selfDetermination

— David Jonsson (@brotheryellow) August 3, 2016

A must-listen.  Here is the 

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"Since WWII, one-third to two-thirds of all technical researchers have been working for the military"

Video, article references, and books via Robert Wenzel at EconomicPolicyJournal

I found this presentation really interesting.  I like to know what things costs and see those costs compared to other costs to get a true assessment on how productive a company or industry is.   1,248 more words


Bob Murphy and Austrian Economics: Liberty Classroom

Dear Liberty Classroom member:

All the lectures for Robert Murphy’s course on the history of economic thought are now available: http://www.libertyclassroom.com/courses/history-of-economic-thought-part-i-classical-economics-and-the-marginal-revolution/

Some serious knowledge bombs are dropped in this course, taught by one of the best Austrian School economists working today. 77 more words

...on starving children and the libertarian state.

This post is written in response to ‘The Tom Woods Show- Ep. 711 Julie Borowski on Handling Critics, Persuading Skeptics, and Freelancing’. I am a big fan of Mr. 960 more words


Social Justice Warriors: Who They Are, and How to Deal With Them

Vox Day is interviewed by Tom Woods. Listen here. This is a great discussion.

What exactly is the ideology of the “Social Justice Warrior”? What do you do when you’re targeted by one, whether at work or in general? 124 more words

Mythology and Western Civilization: 17 Lectures


A glorious thanks to my great friend, Tom Woods, a man of intense and abiding virtue. I’ve just completed my second set of courses for his Liberty Classroom. 233 more words