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". . . prosecutors receive no sanctions for overcharging or coercing guilty pleas from innocent persons.”

Stunning.  Great title for the latest Tom Woods podcast, “Absolute Immunity for Prosecutors: The Built-In Bias Against the Accused.”

The title of Anderson’s paper presented at the Mises Institute was called “Protected Lying:  How the Legal Doctrine of Absolute Immunity has Created a Lemons Problems in American Criminal Courts,” originally titled, “ 1,900 more words

Tom Woods

Tom Woods on Syria

Some relevant comments from leading Rothbardian libertarian Tom Woods on Syria:

“Well, Woods’s Law is on full display these days:

No matter whom you vote for, you always wind up with John McCain.

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How to Be More Productive

h/t Tom Woods

The Robert Frost poem he reads from is “Two Tramps in Mud Time.” 

4:32  One of the key pieces to working smarter is to use the proper tool for the job, try to eliminate wasted effort, but using the proper materials . 254 more words

Tom Woods

Some Ideas Can Get You Killed

From the comments section of this Tom Woods episode. . . 

In addition, the anarchistic upshot of the libertarian doctrine appealed to the countercultural left. For did not the illegitimacy of the state and the nonaggression axiom (that one shall not initiate or threaten to initiate physical force against others and their property) imply that everyone was at liberty to choose his very own nonaggressive lifestyle? 303 more words

Tom Woods

Contra the Altright part 3: Non-Solutions

Todd Lewis is joined by Keith Preston and Anarcho-Reign to finish my series on the Altright by talking about their lack of workable solutions moving into the future.

After listening to “Myths of the Addiction Industry” with Tom Woods, I began thinking about whether or not I actually believe addiction or the addictive person is a real phenomenon. 373 more words


How to Respond to School Shootings

Tom Woods interviews Larry Correia.

The best discussion I’ve heard on school shootings.

Tom Woods