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The Good News is exactly that!

I have had an incredibly meaningful Easter. Instead of working the stories I tried to let the stories speak for themselves…In other words I got out of the way and let the Good News do the talking. 1,545 more words


No Dualisms! Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Bookstore

The book display at the Jubilee 2015 conference that I recently spoke at was organized and staffed (as it is every year) by bookseller extraordinaire, Byron Borger of… 428 more words

Does Unforgiveness Spoil God's Redemptive Plans?


Orthodox Christianity claims that human beings are morally indebted to each other and to God for the damaging actions they have committed. This debt is much too large for humans to ever pay; so if they are to be… 1,069 more words


Sunday sermon 15 February 2015 - Mountains and voices

Reading: Matthew 16:24 – 7:8


There are three accounts of this Transfiguration in the gospels. Like eye-witness accounts of any event, they differ from each other. 1,413 more words

Sunday Morning Sermons

Midwest BSFA Rewatch: The Brother From Another Planet

Midwest BSFA member Tiffany Luckey (of Another TV Blog) kicks off our Rewatch series by giving us her take on the 1984 filmĀ The Brother From Another Planet 943 more words


Bill O'Reilly Award for Most Outraged at Paul Holloway

Paul Holloway has recently protested against the awarding of an honorary doctorate to evangelical apologist, Bishop N.T. Wright, author of, among other things, Matthew for Everyone… 2,098 more words

Highs and lows of christology

I’ve been thinking about Jesus lately. It’s probably the sort of thing christians ought to do, but then again I’m not necessarily a very “good” christian, whatever that means. 1,790 more words

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