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Review: Tom Wright on the Crucifixion

In his earlier work, Surprised By Hope, Tom Wright shook up traditional thinking about life after death and eschatology. In his latest popular work he does something similar with the cross and the atonement. 5,047 more words

Book Review

Reflections on Wright's The Day the Revolution Began II

In this post, I want to look at Wright’s understanding of Passover. When Jesus at the Last Super states, metaphorically, that the bread is his body broken for the disciples and the wine is his shed blood for disciples, N. 477 more words

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a well-known Australian book (by Joan Lindsay) and 1975 film. It’s something of a classic, focusing on a girls’ school outing to Hanging Rock and the subsequent disappearance of several of the girls. 94 more words


Picnic at Hanging Rock

A Thrill and a Chill

Picnic at Hanging Rock

by Tom Wright, adapted from a novel by Joan Lindsay

Wild Duck Theatre at OSO Arts Centre, Barnes until 18th November… 821 more words


The next three things

I love Tom Wright’s simple, cheerful response to the question about balancing life in the video below (at right about the 1-hour mark): “I get up very early, say my prayers, and do the next three things that have to be done.” 34 more words


The Brother from Another Planet (1984, John Sayles)

Despite being about an alien who crash lands on Earth and finds himself stranded in New York City, The Brother from Another Planet takes its time getting to being a fish out of water story. 901 more words



Famous tale powerfully retold

By Jessica Cornish

In a modern world where interesting things continue to be collected and people that are different are still being shunned by society… 380 more words

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