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Week 2: Wednesday Matthew 11:16-24

This will be brief.

Both John and Jesus wanted people to repent – to turn their lives around, to live by God’s Kingdom-rules.

John got their attention by being ascetic – they found that suspicious. 281 more words

Week 2: Tuesday Matthew 4:12-17

Wright, in today’s commentary, has given me a new perspective on some old familiar concepts.

The message of repentance being aimed at the Zeitgeist – the “received wisdom” of society – that’s a new one on me. 563 more words

Week 1: Saturday Matthew 26:36-46

This story, together with what happened the following day, is for me the core of the incarnation.

God fully entering into what it is to be human. 347 more words

Week 1: Thursday Matthew 24:45-51

Game on…

At the tail end of the lunch break, as I was preparing for the afternoon, she came into my room with a serious expression on her face. 723 more words

Day 3:Matthew 24: 1-14

There may be trouble ahead…

I’m not sure about birth-pangs.
Birth-pangs imply that there will be an end, and that the end will bring (usually) new life (see my short story in yesterday’s blog post). 1,024 more words

Day 2: Matthew 13:24-35

The Waiting Game

“Are you still here?”
The voice rang out cheerfully as Sally, who’d been on an early morning stroll, turned up the path towards her front door. 718 more words

First Sunday of Advent: The Unexpected Visit Matthew 24:36-44

Life is full of choices. The choice which lies before me today is whether, having in a moment of lunacy signed up for Advent Book Club 2016, I read the passage and commentary for each day and then… 1,437 more words