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Marked for Death (1990, Dwight H. Little)

The beginning of Marked for Death is nearly all right. It’s a prologue, with lead Steven Seagal–as a DEA agent–in Mexico, doing an undercover drug buy. 450 more words


Author Interview: Tom Wright

Author Tom D Wright lives in the Puget Sound area with his wife. When he’s not writing Science Fiction, he works in IT for a prominent IT company in Seattle. 1,177 more words


Thoughts on the Resurrection...During Christmas

I find myself, like many others, just too busy.  It is just too easy to get caught up in other things, especially this time of year, and forget to do the  712 more words

In a World of Cruelty: A God Who Cares ~ Jesus' Ignobility

When we think of Christmas the images that often come to mind are usually ones of a happy family gathered around a crackling fire, the children gleefully unwrapping their mountain of presents. 1,263 more words


Archive speeches: Bishop Tom Wright - 'The constitution is far more important than party politics.'

“Voting matters, but doing the job matters even more. The belief that only elected Members can have any sort of legitimacy, or that once someone has won a vote it gives them carte blanche to do whatever they like for the next five years, rings extremely hollow when it is precisely some of the elected Members in another place who have brought the system into disrepute. 2,658 more words


Book Review: Hebrews for Everyone by Tom Wright

Of all the ‘For Everyone’ series of books, this one naturally provokes the most jokes, typically involving cups of tea. However, such frivolity is not the subject this book. 526 more words

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