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Bioluminescence: How does it work?

A few weeks ago the D-Lab did some nighttime kayaking to watch the magically mesmerizing phenomenon of bioluminescence in Tomales Bay. Following this trip, Diane did an awesome ‘derivation session’ on what caused the blue-white sparks we saw around our paddles. 557 more words


Summer group trip -Or- How I learned to stop worrying (about lab work) and love bioluminescence

Essential to a happy and productive lab is the occasional chance to leave the goggles and simulations behind for some fresh air and adventure. Last week we went to Tomales Bay to witness first hand a single cell microorganism’s ability to effortlessly twinkle in the night, a spectacle rivaling anything a nano-scientist could hope to see in a dark field microscope after hours and hours of syntheses. 674 more words

Lab Life

Paddle Party

Photo from last week’s summer outing to Tomales Bay, two hours north of Stanford. Tomales Bay has great bioluminescent kayaking, which we got to splash around in for two magical nights. 12 more words

Lab Life

Getaway at Dillon Beach

I’m a sucker for beach. Whether it’s sandy or rocky, I find my zen walking on the beach and listening to the sound of ocean. Of course it’s even better when it’s shiny and warm, but I still find it pleasant when it’s windy and gloomy. 463 more words


Lessons from Tomales Bay

Do you want to fight with your significant other in front of close friends and strangers alike? Confront them about latent frustrations that have been festering deep inside of you for days, months, YEARS? 515 more words


Weekend Reflections

I just love that Henry James quote, don’t you?

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday with friends at Tomales Bay Oyster Company. It’s the perfect place to sip champagne, shuck oysters, BBQ, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of West Marin. 75 more words


Climate Ride: Day 4, Tomales Bay

After finishing riding a century on the third day of the Climate Ride, I took it pretty slow on the fourth day — visiting a winery, eating ice cream and stopping for a beer at a waterfront oyster bar. 48 more words