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Tomatillo Salsa

I’m ready for summer. I love summer. I love long days and sunshine and camping trips and outdoor adventures. This past weekend of sun and camping followed by yesterday, which was, as the forecast promised, gray and rainy made me even more ready for summer. 547 more words

Chips And Salsa

Tomatillo Salsa

The perfect addition for any Mexican dish, on baked fish or to just munch on with tortilla chips.



Tamale party!

This weekend, I finally got to take part in my first tamale party. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for years and never had enough people willing to participate, and someone to let us use their kitchen, since I live in a tiny beach apartment. 1,434 more words

Huevos Divorciados

This breakfast is so good you could serve it on your honeymoon or an anniversary. Just think breakfast in bed. And though the name of this dish includes the word “divorced,” it is a delicious marriage of the flavors of a Mexican breakfast! 378 more words


Sausage & Corn Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

These stuffed poblano peppers just shot to the top of my favorite-meals-to-make list.

This recipe is a perfect combination of flavors. The poblano peppers and spicy Italian sausage add the heat, while the corn brings the crunch and sweetness.  589 more words

Tiny Kitchen Recipes

What goes well with Mexican food?

So, having gathered our ample harvest of tomatillos and chillies and prepared our fiesta Mexicana, RMTTB sits down to ponder the serious business of the day: what Irish beers would go best with this spice?  513 more words

chicken and tomatillo tortilla soup

I made this completely by accident. I originally wanted to make tomatillo-roasted chicken tostadas, but it turned out to be an absolutely amazing spicy, cheesy soup. 220 more words

Cast Iron