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Armenian potatoes

I used to make these Armenian potatoes a lot many years ago. They’re a great dish for a party, super simple and stupendously delicious.  I made these for a dinner party on the weekend, as part of… 214 more words


Beef Short Ribs a la Gordon Ramsay’s

I am a Gordon Ramsey fanatic and I just love everything he cooks! Last year’s thanksgiving, I made a Gordon Ramsay’s Roast Turkey like no other! 319 more words


curried red lentil sauce

You know the problem with red lentils : if you overcook them they turn into a not-so appetizing mush. Well, I decided to turn this weak point into an asset : today, dear neighbor, I am going to show you how to make a red lentil sauce which tastes really good on rice, millet, pasta, spinach, zucchini, or – and this is a special mention from my husband – chicken breast ! 315 more words

Sulfite Free

Cabbage dish

This is an easy quick cabbage dish,  full of flavour and colour.


half of a small white cabbage, lengthwise sliced

1 large onion, thinly and lengthwise sliced… 189 more words


Simply Spiced Spring Cabbage

Next up, a vegetable dish to go with the Chana Masala from last week.

Meera Sodha (the author of Made in India) says: “the best Indian food is cooked (and eaten) at home” so I’m working on getting a whole slew of this book’s recipes added to my brain’s catalogue. 449 more words


Slow-Cooker Pot Roast (Freezable)

It’s been forever since I posted on here–over a year in fact! But I’ve been working on adding new recipes to our meal plan lately so I thought I would share one that’s been a recent hit. 240 more words


Cabbage and Potatoes

Source: The Recipe of Love
Date tried:August 7, 2017
Yield: 4-6 servings
Time needed:45 minutes

So simple, yet so good! 108 more words