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How to make Yellow Tomato Paste

In my absence summer picked up and left and autumn stepped in to take its place.  At this point there is no noticeable difference, as it is still hot, hot, hot.  1,014 more words

Sarah The Gardener

Ground Lamb with Swiss Chard

I am blessed to have access to a Winter Farmer’s Market between January and March. I am further blessed that I can get not only hearty root veggies but fresh, locally grown, greens like kale and salad mix. 363 more words


Learning to cook: Tomato sauces

If you’ve decided to learn to cook, you’re halfway there.  If you don’t care, the food just doesn’t work.
I think it’s magic, really.  I love food so much I once stabbed my sister’s hand with a fork as she tried to steal a pea from my plate, and yet if I am making a meal and I just throw it in without caring how it turns out, it invariably turns out inedible or just tasteless. 782 more words

Beef Stew For the Coldest Nights of the Year

Without a doubt, the past weekend was probably the coldest it has been in a while. We’ve been blessed with a pretty mild winter, but I have an eerily feeling that it won’t be like that for much longer. 382 more words



This past weekend, I decided to make Sunday Sauce.  It is so tasty, so delicious and even though it takes a long time to cook down, it is well worth it.   435 more words

We Called It Macaroni (Pasta Recipes)

Cream of roasted tomato soup

tomatoes, garlic, onions, Parmesan, basil, tomato paste, vegetable stock

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Iranian potato cakes, stuffed with mince lamb and pine nuts

potatoes, onion, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, lamb mince, tomato paste, pine nuts, mint, parsley

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Friday Night Fun