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Tomato red

This tomato red colour with white is just delicious – if you also are a little tanned, it becomes very flattering.


Take care / Marie


It's the Characters, Stupid: Creating Memorable Heroes and Villains

“You’ll never understand me, but I’ll try once and then give it up.”

By Max Everhart

It’s the economy, stupid.

That’s an old joke about the most important aspect of politics, and it’s a joke that I, as a committed, but albeit unsuccessful capitalist, happen to agree with wholeheartedly.

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I'm in Love and it's a Sunny Day

I hazard to say this but I think Spring has arrived. It’s like the weather is reflecting how I feel; all bright and happy. After months of stress and cold dark days a beautiful sunny one is just lovely. 164 more words


The Season of You

The seasons are important for the cycle of nature, likewise they are important in our own life cycle. Spring is a time where we may clear out the old and make way for the new. 639 more words


[Essence] Juicy Love

This is what I am currently wearing on my nails, Juicy Love. We were lucky enough to extend our stay with my mother for another day (returning to Hamburg for only one day, and now are almost back on our way to Lower Saxony) but I had not prepared anything nail varnish-wise, so Juicy Love was a very spontaneous pick at the drugstore – and a total hit. 47 more words


[China Glaze] The Heat Is On

Finally another red. :) I admit that the Desert Escape by China Glaze somehow skipped my mind until, by chance, I came across its mini versions – and had never noticed China Glaze minis before. 52 more words