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Photos: Tomato Seedlings

Today’s photos show baby tomato plants growing in our flower pot. Now that they have sprouted their second pair of leaves, we will soon be transplanting them outdoors.  25 more words

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Brown Thumbs Turning Green: 02 Growing Mini Tomatoes

After we planted the strawberries, I wanted to give my brown thumbs another chance to thrive. Since I can never have enough of Cherry Tomatoes (better known as Mini Tomatoes in Japan), it is a must-have in our container garden. 555 more words

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Success Starting Tomato Seedlings Indoors

About 8 weeks before the last frost-free day, I plant my Heirloom indeterminate tomato seeds. I save them from year to year and cannot possibly find room for all the varieties of seeds that I save. 931 more words

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We’ve been getting some consistently warm weather. This past Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day – perfect for gardening. The tomato seedlings were getting too big for the propagation enclosure so they were transplanted to small pots. 91 more words

Tomato Plants

tomatoes seedlings are maturing

The tomato seedlings are maturing into little plants. Most of the seedlings have their true set of leaves. I have also thinned out some of the seedlings so there is one per cell. 43 more words

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Tomato seedlings: experimenting with sowing times

Every year I always grow lots of tomatoes. I usually sow them in mid March for planting into the greenhouse border or outside. The plants could be planted in the greenhouse border in mid April in theory but in practice two things prevent this. 361 more words

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tomato sprouts

Not even a week has passed and seeds that were started this past Sunday have sprouted🌱🌱🌱! These are future tomatoe plants. I’ve planted the same varieties as last year except this time, I know for sure that I’ve planted all varieties so I expect to get some green tomatoes.  79 more words

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