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Fresh Tomato Sauce

Summertime in Kentucky means all the fresh tomatoes  and fresh basil you can eat and I love it. I use to make a similar sauce that you would cook but this is much tastier and lighter. 128 more words


March 23, 2017

Weather: 50s, but damp.

The prep work continues. I should be starting seedlings indoors, and getting ready to plant by the second week of April. Personally, I think I will wait to plant outdoors until May. 792 more words

Pasta 101

Before we go any further,  I think it is time to get down to some basics and one of them is Pasta.  Pasta….is a basic here in Italy.   532 more words


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These are the 5 pictures I consider to be my best this semester.

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How to Choose the Best Tomato Plants For Your Garden - Part 3. Tomatos I Have Tried Growing and the Reviews of Two Companies I Have Purchased My Seeds From.

Still too Many Choices, How to Choose the Right Seeds Selling Company and Which Plants to Grow.

It took me a while to find companies offering such seeds in Canada, since most of the companies I have found were located in the USA and some would not ship to Canada. 1,696 more words


How to Choose Tomato Plants for Your Garden - Part 2

Part # 2 of this Article.

This is part 2 of this article. To read part one about the basic two kinds of tomatos you should know about, please follow this… 1,159 more words


Garden plots.

Hi everyone! I have been busy starting seeds and digging garden plots. We have 3 garden plots done and 6 more to dig.

I have started tomatoes and peppers. 30 more words