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The Little Garden That Could

I’ve never had a green thumb. Actually the opposite. I am widely known in my local community for killing lovely green growing things with casual disregard. 802 more words

Easy Pasta Recipe

Last night I was really tired after work and was super hungry by the time I got home. I sat and thought to myself “What am I going to make?” I wanted something easy since I was too lazy to cook anything. 186 more words


Chicken Tortilla Soup

The origins of tortilla soup may be a mystery, but its intriguing  roasted flavors has long made it a favorite soup in my seasonal menu rotation. 1,152 more words



I started this post the first weekend in April, but Life gets in the way sometimes. This is not always a bad thing. Being forced to slow down has caused a gardening obsession to finally flourish. 321 more words

Distintively Louisiana

The Evening

There is a promise in the air just at sunset, in the piles and piles of coils of smoke, from the days burning- so thick, you can almost feel little black particles in the air you breathe in- there is a promise of something out there beyond- somewhere, something, a longing, a wanting, a knowing of something somewhere, waiting, only we just don’t know yet- 479 more words

Tomato transfer time again

Window sill shuffle is happening once more. The tomato plants, the first batch, had been sat in the four tier blowaway for some time. They have largely been growing quite vigorously, were becoming quite large for the small green house. 151 more words


Tomato Macaroni Soup 

This is similar as what I had in Hong Kong back then, something called – 羅宋湯 (Russian Borscht) but slightly localized with my own preference. … 181 more words