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Lara Croft Go is Out!

It was, oddly, one of the titles that caught my attention the most at E3. And it’s for mobile.

Yes, Square Enix Montreal has released their mobile gem Lara Croft Go, a game which seems to be a return to the puzzle-based roots of Tomb Raider. 67 more words



As a social media creature who ravages content and distills it into bitesize chunks for the average cynical joe, I’ve become at one with worlds which I’ve previously chosen to ignore. 637 more words

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Preview: Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen #1

The classic Lara Croft returns!

An all-new Lara Croft miniseries begins with Corinna Bechko at the helm!

It’s up to Lara to stop a group of cultists from causing worldwide cataclysmic devastation, and ancient ivory artifacts hold the key to both salvation and destruction! 79 more words


Game Payload #1

This is going to be the start of some pickup, haul, loot, booty, grabs, digs and what other word you use to buying things that you really don’t need. 545 more words

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手機專屬Tomb Raider GO 羅拉回歸解謎遊戲

羅拉今年除了會在Xbox One獨佔作《Rise of Tomb Raider》中出現外,原來還以《Tomb Raider GO》率先在iOS、Android和Windows Phone上登場。



Square Enix Reveals The Collectors Edition For Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Square Enix Inc. today announced a collector’s edition for Rise of the Tomb Raider® that is available exclusively from the Square Enix e-store and the  216 more words