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Graphic Novel Spotlight - Tomb Raider Volume 3: The Serpent Queen

To carry on with the gaming theme this week, this month marks the Xbox release of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s the latest entry in the hugely successful Tomb Raider franchise and the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013… 359 more words

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Low Budget Gamer: Playstation Co-Op Sale Discounts Rocket League, Street Fighter, and More.

*Low Budget Gamer is our weekly post highlighting deals on Xbox Live and Playstation Network, as well as the occasional random sale post should the need arise. 297 more words

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Tomb Raider Journal Entry #10: Level 10

  • Cut scene: Looked like Lara had red eyes…is she a demon? Might have to call the Winchesters.
  • Well that cut scene was interesting.
  • Sand caves…Yes?!
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Magic, Mystery and Portraits - Charlie Bowater


These wonderful artworks are by Charlie Bowater, a concept artist & illustrator from the UK.
Charlie works as a Senior Concept Artist at Atomhawk Design. 47 more words

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Tomb Raider Journal Entry #9: Level 9

  • I hate when levels start underwater…and then you can’t pull the lever and you drown…two times now…3…found a different lever…hopefully I can pull this one.
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The Mistaken 'Inconsistency' of Lara Croft (2013-?)

Jokes at the expense of a property arguably taking itself too seriously are funny, sometimes even necessary. However sometimes taking too many cheap shops can rob an audience of a chance to enjoy a deceptively nuanced story and character. 1,361 more words

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