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In the Spotlight: Eric

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new fan interviews on the blog so it’s about time we rectified that. Say “hola” to Eric… 1,540 more words

Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

It’s been two years since Crystal Dynamics rebooted the iconic franchise. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an upcoming sequel that will look to build and improve on its predecessor. 53 more words


Day 2: "Have some cake."

Blaugust Day 2 (Come participate in this month-long blogging challenge!) 

This was gonna be a post about juggling multiple games. It’s become a post about just one game, cuz it deserves it. 344 more words


Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2 Review

I bought myself a few new games recently and as some people have said they find my reviews a touch on the long side, this time I’m trying something a little different. 1,328 more words

Assassin's Creed

Fanboys Mourn the Death of Lara Croft

As gamers await the arrival of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the sequel to the hit reboot Tomb Raider, fanboys of the original kickass legend are weeping. 771 more words

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July Quiz

1) Three cities in the UK have a metro (a light railway system). London and Newcastle are two, name the third.

2) The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists gave their much shorter nickname to which rebellion in turn of the century  (19th to 20th) China? 158 more words