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Inna Modja une malienne à Tombouctou !

Inna Modja est revenu à ses origines musicales, la musique malienne, et le moins qu’on puisse dire est qu’elle s’y trouve comme un poisson dans l’eau. 90 more words


Tombouctou in Bambara

Malian-French Inna Modja sings “Tombouctou” for peace in Mali ,ahead of coming Motel Bamako album.Video shot in famous Malian photographer Malick Sidibé in Bamako.

The Caravan Routes of Morocco

There is a much-photographed sign in Zagora, in the spectacular Draa Valley in Morocco. Beside the image of a blue-swaddled desert nomad is written: “TOMBOUCTOU 52 JOURS.” The journey is considerably quicker today, but if you go by camel, it probably still takes 52 days. 852 more words

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Hot and happy dogs, a fabric that works (and werks), elephants of a Reasonable Size…

…and the chic-est fannie pack that ever was.

A secretive satchel, direct from Timbuktu. 20 more words


Wow, that's cool!

When’s the last time you said that to yourself about something you were doing?

I’ve had some adventures in my day and seen some remarkable things, but at the time didn’t always think my experiences were special. 462 more words

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Messages d'un Touareg Malien

Le 27 Janvier 2013, 17 jours après l’arrivèe des forces Françaises de l’opération Serval au Mali,  nous avons commencè à recevoir des mails d’Omar. Il nous avait souvent aidè dans les déserts, et, aujourd’hui, il… 896 more words