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Some people think of me as a daring person, but I’m really not. It’s just that I find myself in these daring situations and once I’m in, I blend into it and do well. 759 more words


To Be A Boy.

My wishes should become realities
My thoughts should be outspoken
My star should be different and brighter, 97 more words


Is blood thicker than water? E paano kung bakla ako?

Medyo sensitibo ang sitwasyon ng letter sender natin kaya I ask you guys to please exercise restraint and reserve your judgement kasi hindi yan ang kailangan ng sender natin ngayon. 636 more words


Dois tópicos sobre a questão de gêneros

Bruce Jenner se tornou famoso nos anos 70 no atletismo americano. Ganhou medalhas em Olimpíadas, se tornou um ídolo e sex symbol. Voltou aos holofotes por seu casamento com Chris Jenner, a mãe do clã Kardashian, e figurou em muitas temporadas do reality da família, o Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 599 more words


My Introduction

Hellooo Blogging Nation!

I am Jem. This blog is based on my life and Life experiences.  I am a typical teenage tomboy. I live in the Caribbean, On A beautiful Spice Island, surrounded by water, white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans~~ A paradise *_* Except, my life is anything but a paradise. 205 more words

What is it?

Have you ever wondered…..”What is it about me?”

I know we all have those moments, maybe it’s; What is about me they like so much? What is it about me they find so funny? 866 more words

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# 1 On Gender Identity and Gender Expression

When I was a child, I never wanted to be called as “tomboy”. I hated every single classmate I had who teased me of being one. 184 more words