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Synchronicity... You'll Never Know Until You Do.

When I was a kid all I wanted was to be outside and on my own. My imagination was my refuge, and I employed it through various outlets: creating characters and stories via drawing, writing, and acting out. 485 more words


Why are 'sissies' losing out to tomboys?

I’ve had so many lovely messages from the Mumsnet TERF Mafia over the past couple of days – I really have! Naturally, modesty prevents me from publishing most of them. 956 more words


TwoTomboyss first post


Hello and welcome to TwoTomboyss glad to have you here.

First Post

"The Bathroom Problem"

A reading that I thought was really interesting was Jack Halberstam’s Female Masculinity, more specifically “The Bathroom Problem.”  This stuck out to me because it brought up questions I never thought about like how a transgender person has so much trouble using the bathroom.   226 more words

What is Female Masculinity?

The reading that stuck with me is Halberstam “Female Masculinity”. When I was reading this paper all I could think about was how can one person determine what is considered for boys and what is considered for girls and have society accept it. 246 more words

Gender Doesn't Play Sports, Athletes Do

By now you’ve probably heard about the documentary “Tomboy” which looks to elevate the conversation of gender equality in sports. And while I tuned in because I wanted to hear more about how unfair female athletes are treated, I stayed hooked till the credits because of the women in the film. 487 more words

Hooked Till The Credits

Robots run amok

A question has been reverberating in my head since it was asked to me this morning. “Do I behave like a guy?” To put it into context, I should also mention that this was asked by one of the fairer sex. 204 more words