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Duality: A Tomboy versus A Girl's Girl

Did I feel like going to the outlets? No.  I was hung over and moping.  I wanted Darcy, and I wanted my friend.  I did not want to have to tag along with Woodstock and his family for a couple of hours.   925 more words

Don't judge a book by its cover

It’s 2015, you’d think by now history would have repeated itself enough times that people would FINALLY know better than to judge a book by its cover. 307 more words


One Year Older and Wiser

Only a few hours away and I will be 29. My last year in the 20s is about to begin. Age doesn’t really scare me, in fact, I kind of like growing up. 379 more words

Tomboy Chic

So you’re a girl but whenever you go out you’re mistaken for a boy? Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Its okay to be a tomboy, a lot of girls are these days. 212 more words


Style Inspiration: Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis has been a major icon for me ever since I swiped my big sister’s Rilo Kiley CD’s in middle school. Her vintage-inspired style and perfectly undone red hair (i.e. 103 more words


Tomboy Mommy

I’m a mom of three boys. After growing up with four sisters and just one brother, I was thrilled to have sons. They were so cute and sweet. 578 more words

Single Mom