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A Tomboy in Victorian London

One of the things that will be evident almost immediately when you read Bloody Notes is that Vanessa isn’t your typical woman, especially for the Victorian era. 708 more words

Book #1: Tomboy by Liz Prince

To start off this challenge, I didn’t fully embrace the typical “book for adults,” whatever that really means. Instead, I chose a book that covered topics that weren’t necessarily for children but still maintained a format that is readily loved by children (graphic novels are a blessing). 802 more words


My t shirt is struggling like our country in this post. Needless to say, I still garnered enough faith and hope to even post so you should do the same and live your life hoping we all get along and work as a team


Le Plié!

“Alright, girls,” the ballet teacher clapped her hands. “Now, the Plié!”
“One, two…Really, Leslie! Nice young ladies don’t DO THAT!”
Leslie rolled her eyes and removed her finger from her left nostril. 162 more words

Flash Fiction

Back then

The pictures below are of: my godparents (on the picture on the left they are on the left, my dad is on the right – the picture on the right, my mom is on the left and my godparents are on the right) and my parents. 132 more words

Looks of this week

As I am one of the few who are able to wear and be who I am at work I often feel blessed. Keep in mind that “wear what I want” means I don’t have to dress up. 187 more words