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Let Me Create

Let me create.

Let me be the Cesar of my life, the Marc Anthony, the Marcus Aurelius, the Rumi, the morning star

Let me walk on the waters of my troubled soul… 281 more words


Al-Wahabia – Hidden Link with ISIS (Part 5)

Main Source: https://www.al-islam.org

Surprising, there are many similarities between the Wahhabi and the Khawarij which distinguish them from the rest of the Muslim. Some of these common points follow. 1,272 more words

True Islam

What’s A Mother, Without Her Sacrifice!

We make for them, our tombs of love
Who acquiesce to tend, our forsworn sin
And deify her, before we shove
A ‘mother’, in the cage, of a martyr’s skin! 94 more words


Floods - Floods (Review)

Floods are a US black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Floods play a mix of black, death and sludge metal. Which genre they are actually playing is up for debate, although I’d argue that black metal forms the largest part of their musical equation, so we’ll go with that. 327 more words


Crypts & Tombs beneath the Graveyard

On Friday I posted a map of secret tunnels and crypts beneath the Graveyard of the Thoughtful Daughter. At the north end of those tunnels, reached through a secret panel in the floor of the mausoleum of Ankrabar the Violet, a mostly collapsed archway leads into a larger underground sepulcher – which is where this map begins. 282 more words


The Book - The lost army of Cambyses - By Paul Sussman.

A fascinating story, rich in surprises and charm of the old Egypt, a story told with passion and intelligence.


80 일째 - Goryeong 고령 - Daegaya Historic Site 대가야유적

I’m back in Goryeong!  The last time I came here was to visit a zoo but there are more exciting things at Goryeong than rare animals … like history for instance! 350 more words