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Massive tomb of a Celtic prince discovered in France



Detail of a huge wine cauldron (the largest object found on site so far) with handles depicting the Greek River Deity Acheloos

Image credit and © Denis Glickman/INRAP… 136 more words


Where's The Pope At?

It may surprise you to learn, as I did yesterday, about the tombs of the popes in Rome. Or rather, I should say, I was fascinated to learn about the lack of them. 605 more words


The City of Princes - Amasya

In the Green River the gentle current turns the wooden water wheels, nearby the banks are lined with chiaroscuro Ottoman Yalı’s. For the birds that fly over the valley the geographical extremes of salience and flatness must be quite apparent, our town is a thin line corned by rugged mountains. 1,675 more words

Not St Peter's Basilica 2

As well as the Michelangelo sculpture and St Peter’s chains that we featured yesterday, the small church of San Pietro in Vincoli (St Peter in Chains) has some of the “skeletoniest” tombs in Rome.


Temples and Tombs

A sermon based on Psalm 19 and John 2:13-22 preached on March 8th, 2015

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If ever we had a notion that Jesus was always a nice, smiley, guy—the first ever hippy, always peaceable and calm—then this story of Jesus cleansing the Temple should dispel that real quick. 1,783 more words

The Burton Mausoleum: an adventurer's tomb in a quiet suburb

by Caroline

To call Sir Richard Francis Burton an adventurer is, really, a huge oversimplification.  He was an explorer, a translator, a linguist, an ethnographer, a diplomat, a spy, a poet and a soldier – one of the most eccentric, fascinating and controversial of Victorians.  1,130 more words


American Egyptologists prove Pharaoh was brutally killed in a battle away from home

Elementary studies on the skeleton of SenebKay that was discovered in Abydos last year by the Mission of University of Pennsylvania directed by Dr. Josef Wegner (More details of the discovery HERE) showed 18 injuries on the King’s bones as well as vertical cuts in feet, ankles and the lower back beside many injuries on the skull which indicated that the King died in a battle at age between 35 to 49 years old. 83 more words