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CFFC: Starts with the Letter P


The explosive growth of Cairo over the last 25 years has brought the city very close to the ancient monuments at Giza. Pollution hangs over Cairo in the distance. 18 more words


I Secretly Took Photos Inside of Tutankhamun's Tomb

I decided to break the rules and took my camera inside Tutankhamun’s Tomb to take photos.

Following on from last weeks blog, about my journey on a Donkey through the Egyptian Desert to seek out The Valley of The Kings – I wanted to also share with you a little story about the Valley, along with some amazing photos I took whilst there. 318 more words


KING TUT Is Coming Your Way

………..that is if you live anywhere near Los Angeles

2017-11-29 16:55:51
Las Vegas Review

Artifacts from King Tut’s tomb are going on tour next year to mark the upcoming 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Egyptian pharaoh’s resting place. 168 more words


A Grave Misunderstanding.

Whenever debates about slavery arise…especially those most recent ones, calling for the removal of Confederate monuments (the topic of a later post), there is inevitably a broaching of discussion with regard to the Egyptian pyramids. 965 more words


Gruesome Finds

By. K. Washburn

          Though this cemetery is one of the least known in the Boston area, it still gives off a spooky vibe. But what cemeteries don’t? 574 more words

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Petra, the rose red city

Whilst visiting Eilat, in Israel (separate post about Eilat coming soon!) we border hopped into Jordan to visit the ancient city of Petra. It was a very early start and the coach trip up the Kings Highway took a few hours, but it was a trip that would prove to be worth it. 680 more words


The Faceless Stratagem by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton fuses conspiracy thrillers with gritty science-fiction to create a tale that will appeal to fans of both equally.

This novel is the second in the… 635 more words