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Rise Of The Tomb Raider - "Descent Into Legend"

The secrets of history are hidden in hostile environments. Lara must survive in the wild, then discover and explore deadly tombs filled with traps and puzzles in her search for the Lost City of Kitezh. 127 more words


Things that went BUMP! in the night in15th century Poland

A chilling find has been made in Poland: at least 17 skeletons buried with the skulls severed and placed between the knees or hands. That, say archaeologists, is how vampires used to be interred, to stop them rising from the dead. 295 more words


Samnites in Pompeii

Yesterday came a rather exciting announcement that a Samnite grave has been discovered in Pompeii. The details revealed thus far include that a skeleton, belonging to a woman approximately forty to fifty years old, complete with grave goods including numerous jars still containing traces of their original contents, has been excavated in an area beyond the Porta di Ercolano. 1,296 more words



Graced with open space, wide roads and squares that finally let you breathe. It’s the only city that actually smells good. Really, it smells like candy. 244 more words

Gap Year

Strange Conversations Hav I had


I halted my walk through All Saints Churchyard and turned enquiringly in the direction of the voice. The speaker, having caught my attention continued thus, 271 more words


The Chapel of Saint-Gobrien, Brittany

On a recent cycling trip along the Nantes-Brest Canal in Brittany I came across a small village named Saint-Gobrien. Looking at it across the canal, I instinctively sensed that this interesting-looking little place was worth a small detour. 479 more words


King Herod's Tomb at the Israel Museum

Besides the naval and nature paintings (secco—on dry plaster) at the Israel Museum that I mentioned in my previous post, fragments from the roof of Herod’s Tomb at the Herodium are also on display in the Israel Museum. 558 more words

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