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Giant Skeleton-Hog

Hey guys, once again I’m back (Nick) with a deck for Arenas 5 and 6.  It worked pretty well for me, especially when I got really good at the strategy behind it, and so I hope that if you try it it will produce the same results for you.   797 more words


A pistoleer...

Inside History Thanks to True West Magazine for this content…http://www.truewestmagazine.com/a-pistoleer-goes-semi-auto/

A Pistoleer Goes Semi Auto Frank James started riding the outlaw trail in the 1860s, armed with percussion revolvers, and ended up in the 20th century, packing a 1903 Hammerless Colt. 757 more words

Maraschino Tombstone Lover

​I’ve been holding myself tight

Waiting for you to take a bite outta meh

Knock all that talk of dichotomy

I want you to have the whole lot of me… 39 more words


Shattered Love

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided to put on a movie and work on some knitting. My choice for distraction was a movie I had fond memories of watching with the men of Campbell Basement and so I started up… 674 more words


The Lord's pot

The Lord’s pot must be kept boiling, even if it takes the Devil’s kindling wood.

Endicott Peabody, famous as the founding headmaster of Groton School, spent six months in 1882 as minister in Tombstone, Arizona, arriving three months after the gunfight at the O.K.

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Hot Pictures of Val Kilmer

Because I like to keep up with the times, I recently watched the 1985 movie Real Genius starring hottie Val Kilmer.

Wow, what a babe! I thought to myself. 103 more words

Lava-Loon Meta

What is up guys, my name is English Pastry (you should know this by now) and today I will be showing you one of the new lava-loon meta decks that you see people using a lot these days in legendary arena. 1,020 more words