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I stood there by the side of the highway, hands in the air as the masked bandit grabbed the gold shipment. Now the bastard was demanding any personal property belonging to passengers which might be worth selling. 122 more words



On this day in May of 2016, on my couch on the eastern coast of the United States, I found that my Friend and Fellow Freak had tagged me in a Facebook post, again proving our bond knows no limits. 290 more words

The lady in the Forest!!

Tombstone Stranger 

I don’t know why I’m drawn to your grave. I stumbled upon it by accident, you are tucked away in a far off corner of the cemetery. 214 more words


A Stone for Donald

On Easter, March 27 2016, there was very briefly an unusual art installation in Central Park, New York. It was a small marble gravestone, with a birth date but no date of death. 267 more words


Tombstone Harley

Some mother’s day are just more exciting than others.


Ms Animus #13

The incessant buzz of his phone was beginning to irritate him. He had hoped it would go away the first two times but that was not the case as it was now on its fourth ring. 2,039 more words

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