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Remember the Simple

One of the more unique tombstones I’ve come across so far.


DIY: Basic tombstones, a family project

My first Halloween DIY project was a family effort and I treasure the results.  These holiday keepsakes were very simple and allowed each family member to personalize their unique creation. 929 more words


Reaction to Battlebots S2 E5

Okay, NOW my bracket is busted.

Episode Five was definitely the upset episode as three out of the four matches had a lower seed beating an upper seed with one of the matches beating a top eight seed! 489 more words



Strong and brave, engraved on his tombstone,

but, all she remembers is a scared little boy;

Wanting to come home.

Loved by all; cherished mother of three. 66 more words



This is what I call a HEADSTONE for a tree, you can count the years the tree lived by the rings of life.

I didn’t arrange it, I found it that way, so I figured Mother Nature was telling me something!

Click Click.



Work Begins

Work has indeed begun upon the Titanic themed novel. I’ve written only a small introduction so far. The point of the introduction has been to see whether I can capture the essence of what I hope to convey. 253 more words



Funny thing about memory. I know, for fact, that I do not remember in colour. It is worse than that. I remember in the wrong colour.  166 more words