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Tombstone garden

Imbroglio bedlam –
madness wing, twin
windows barred behind
a wilting cinquefoil

Twisted linen ropes
escape each, abseiling to
the tombstone garden where
within the pistil presses… 37 more words


My Father's Tombstone

My father meant a lot to me. He was my role model, my teacher, my mentor. Growing up he was stability- he was there for me when my parents got a divorce, when my mother started drinking, and when it seemed like life was just trying to play one big joke on me. 621 more words

Short Story

The Usual Depth

beats hallucinating a comically large chicken drumstick


Massive heart attack!

Today begins with me being enlightened about how coming from the country means I am naturally incestuous with six fingers. I can confirm that this is not true. 274 more words


Wyatt Earp

Wyatt is a name most commonly associated with the Old West gangster Wyatt Earp, known primarily for his fight at the O.K. Corral. However, there is more to my namesake that meets the eye, and much has been exaggerated over the years. 568 more words


6 Great Reasons Kurt Russell Will Fix Your Life

By Hal

I’m a 35 year old bloke from the north of England. I don’t consider myself cultured or sophisticated on any substantial level. I mean, I don’t throw my own poop against the wall but I’m not exactly well versed in literature or politics.  1,552 more words

Pop Culture

Retired...no chance in Tombstone...

I’ve written about this particular movie before…but before you go “argh, not again”, I promise, this time I’ll steer away from Doc Holliday (read that post… 431 more words