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A Moment To Mourn

Sometimes when I start thinking about my mother, and missing her, I visit a random cemetery. She doesn’t have a grave, my father had her cremated. 250 more words


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    Hometown Haiku (and a note for Father's Day)

    A recent trip back to my old hometown prompted some haiku.

    Thomas Wolfe¬†may have said¬†“you can’t go home again,” but you actually can. It just won’t be the same as it was. 148 more words

    100 Of The Worst Trends Have Been 'Killed' So Let's Celebrate The Funeral

    Everyone can name at least a few trends on the internet that should be flung into a fiery inferno. Obligatory Facebook birthdays? Kill them now. That particular trend didn’t make it onto the… 153 more words

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    Abstract | In loving memory

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    By annem_daviau

    Source: 500px.com


    This monument, found on Hell’s Half-Acre at Stones River National Battlefield near Murfreesboro, Tennessee is the oldest intact Civil War monument in the country. Fighting was so bloody here on the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 that the soldiers themselves chose to erect a monument to their fallen comrades. 19 more words


    Tombstones leaning

    moss growing them

    and it’s raining.