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The Other Ones

The Other Ones

When the ground is soft enough for the spirit to stretch
beyond the numbers of endings and the numbers of beginnings

And the numbers stiff in stone grow warm in the spring sun… 215 more words


Photography 101, Day 19: Double.

I recently went on a mini adventure and stumbled across this small cemetery. Many of the headstones were old and decayed but these two were new and intact. 15 more words

Monica Mull Photography

New ACGSI Website "Stuff"

New “stuff” added to our www.acgsi.org web site in 2015 is listed here. Some items are public while some are Members Only. Volunteer time, … 158 more words


A divergence to the standard formula: an alabaster gravestone from Nishapur, Iran

It is quite a long time that I do not read and post an inscription. Well, not that long: let’s say one month or so… but I missed it. 644 more words

Reading Inscription

How To Take Pictures of Tombstones (Updated)

Pictures of tombstones are a wonderful because they preserve the info indefinitely. Tombstones are worn away a bit each and every day and eventually become unreadable or even destroyed. 583 more words


Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Yuma, Arizona

among the tombstones
remembering all loved ones
on this sacred day

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher… 12 more words


Cremation Urns Family Columbarium for 8 urns !

Household Yard Columbarium for approximately 8 urns with ashes.Please note, this columbarium will certainly be made in Poland baseding on your specific order (colour, form, engravings), so kindly enable 60 days for the order to be acomplished and also provided. 55 more words

Ashes Urns