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CREWS Display: Par(a)menon's Tombstone

Pippa has already told us about the decipherment of the Cypriot syllabaries. With the next item of our display at the Fitzwilliam museum, I have the opportunity to outline how they were used to write in the Greek language. 874 more words


Living Among the Stones

We Live Among the Stones  

We live among the stones

Some rounded and smooth

Others sharp and jagged

Stones fresh and raw from upheaval

Laid bare by heat and pressure… 239 more words


Tombstone History

Tombstones, especially military ones, are great ways to trace histrory. And the history from the tombstone needn’t be a family member, either – sometimes, getting to know strangers from their past life is just as interesting. 360 more words

Texas History

90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Jan 27 - Feb 9)

These past two weeks have been great. I feel like I’ve tried techniques that are more advanced, at least more so than what I was doing before. 877 more words

Cut Paper

Genealogy Pay It Forward

Sometimes we think we’re all alone in our genealogy research, patiently combing through records and searching databases. But it really does take a village to do genealogy, and untold nameless genealogists have given countless hours of their time and expertise to make your research easier. 390 more words


90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Jan 13 - Jan 26)

These past two weeks were a bit harder to complete, simply because life got in the way. My two year old got sick with the stomach flu and required a lot of attention (my husband was out of town when that happened as well). 812 more words

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May We Both, One Day, Rest In Peace

Parking lots are my husband’s kryptonite. Within those faded lines painted on pavement lie a puzzle he feels incapable of solving. He’s never trying to find the closest spot, being close to the building doesn’t matter to him. 1,086 more words