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Markers | Waterville, WA | 2013

Each spring, Ben trimmed snow-matted grass from around the tombstones. He personally knew just about everyone who’d died in the last 30 years, could point to their resting spots and recount the highlights of their lives. 60 more words


Family Tombstones

I have a strange fascination for cemeteries and tombstones.  I know.  I know.  It’s sounds morbid, but as a history buff and an amateur genealogist, it’s not as bizarre as it sounds.  598 more words

Family History

Got Tombstones?

Does anyone in your family tree have an unusual tombstone or a strange inscription?  Does a family marker hold any special meaning?  What secrets does it share? 18 more words

Family Stories

The 3D Cemetery

(Stereoscopic 3D)

There’s three tombstones in the 3D cemetery, and the stereoscopic 3D media player that shows 3D videos and slideshows has been moved out of the stereoscope and placed on top of a pole, along with new speakers that still need to be tweaked and adjusted.

3D YouTube Video

The tombstone for Anna: the symbol of a Medieval melting pot

Medieval Sicily has always fascinated me. Not long ago I wrote the review for a short web series, Indictus, that loosely tells the story of the Norman conquest of Islamic Sicily. 1,318 more words

Reading Inscription

CREWS Display: Par(a)menon's Tombstone

Pippa has already told us about the decipherment of the Cypriot syllabaries. With the next item of our display at the Fitzwilliam museum, I have the opportunity to outline how they were used to write in the Greek language. 874 more words