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My Tomcat's a Toss-pot

Am I the only one who regularly re-christens their pet? My demented tom cat is currently known as F**k’s Sake! Well, at least he thinks that’s his new name as I say it every time he tries to trip me over with his Ninja tactics (which is very many times a day).  629 more words

Configuring JSF to work on Tomcat

This project is available on GitHub https://github.com/stuartbrand/JSFforTomcat

I have been using Glassfish and Weblogic for many years and they have been very good to work with. 1,025 more words


Turning a laptop into a Java application server

This is just my own proposition of things needed to be done to turn a laptop into a Java application server under control of a Linux operating system using Apache Tomcat. 413 more words


Connecting to a database with Tomcat

Browsing the internet for instructions on how to connect to a database from my Java web app using Tomcat was a minefield.

I almost gave up on Tomcat as so many sites would give overly complex methods involving changing the configuration files of the Tomcat server itself. 647 more words


Grumman F-14A Tomcat

@ Pacific Coast Air Museum, Santa Rosa, CA

July 2012

One cool aspect of the Museum’s Tomcat is that it was flown in from NAS Point Mugu, California and then de-militarized onsite.  39 more words

Reduce Insecurity for free, HTTPS now democratized by LetsEncrypt

I am typing this with my fingers crossed, that I could just get someone to acknowledge that HTTPS is not only prudent but damn easy to setup. 744 more words


My first blog post

Apache – Tomcat Integration Using Mod_jk and Enabling SSL(Self signed).

Installing Apache

Download http*

*********(install only if not present in http*/srclib/)***********

apr and apr-Util

Copy apr and apr-util to /srclib/ of http… 423 more words