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How to configure ciphers in WSO2 Servers

The SSL ciphers supported by are the ciphers supported by internal Tomcat server. However you may sometime want customize the ciphers that your server should support. 420 more words


nginx as load ballancer + 3 nodes in laptop with virtualbox

= scallable app
Нужно создать ноды. Если это делать локально то проще всего указать “Мост” в настройке сети:
Далее на каждой ноде узнаем айпишник:
Перед этим я установил томкат, он смотрит на свой стандартный порт(8080). 47 more words

Tomcat remote debuging

В начало startup.sh нужно добавить:

export JPDA_ADDRESS=8000
export JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket

в конец (добавлено jpda):
exec “$PRGDIR”/”$EXECUTABLE” jpda start “$@”

В среде разработки нужно указать хост и порт(в данном случае 8000)

Audio recordings for WAS and MQ competitive sessions from the InterConnect 2015 conference

In the last couple of days I recorded a clean audio for both sessions I presented at the IBM InterConnect 2015 conference and posted recordings to youtube. 64 more words


Change the Java (JVM) used by tomcat.

Enterprise systems will have different versions of Java installed in it. A system administrator may have to set up Tomcat to use a particular one out of it. 103 more words


Tomcat Server Slow Due To Blocked SeedGenerator Thread on Insufficient Random Number On Linux

An application deployed on Tomcat server (via Coldfusion11) suffers slowness problem. Sometimes opening up a https page could take 20 seconds or so. The problem was not experienced on CF9 (which doesn’t use Tomcat). 693 more words

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