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How to run apache tomcat in debug mode (Ubuntu)?

In my previous blog post I have shown you how to install apache tomcat in Ubuntu. We can run apache tomcat in debug mode and debug our applications. 207 more words


A shout out to the Cats!

Ive only posted my recent cat portraits within other posts about collections of paintings so I thought Id bring some attention to this fantastic ginger cat portrait of Ron!


spring mvc root url map with tomcat

We typically use


to map the root url. It might not work with tomcat sometimes.

One reason was that that something (Tomcat?) was forwarding from “/” to “/index.jsp” when I had the file index.jsp in my WebContent directory. 40 more words


Spring-boot rest service and Keycloak

This post presents how to secure a rest application which uses spring-boot using keycloak. It uses Tomcat embedded. The web client use AngularJS and for convenience will be served also from a spring-boot project. 354 more words


How to deploy an application in Apache Tomcat6

In many production environments, it is very useful to have the capability to deploy a new web application, or undeploy an existing one, without having to shut down and restart the entire container. 241 more words

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How to install apache tomcat in ubuntu?


Make sure you have installed the java in your ubuntu machine and set the JAVA_HOME variable.

01) Download the binary zip file of the apache tomcat latest version. 233 more words


Secure and harden Apache Tomcat's SSL/TLS


In this guide I will walk through the process of hardening HTTPS connectors used by Apache Tomcat. As unfortunately the default configuration of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS using Tomcat 7 and OpenJDK 7 are vulnerable to a number of attacks and weak encryptions. 1,703 more words