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Some Tomcat ...

Today I learned

Some tomcat has eaten his sister´s food and not shared the additional dry food for both. I´m not sure how long this happens already but for a while now I wonder why Brian is been growing bigger and bigger but Brenda stays little and slim. 67 more words


I heard them

I thought I heard the birdies sing … I did … I did …

… but where have all the birdies gone?


Spring Boot Enable HTTPS


Security is a major concern considered in any application. HTTPS is a protocol which ensures secure communication over a network of computers or applications. In this session I will demonstration who to enable HTTPS in  a Spring Boot app. 413 more words

Spring Boot

Tomcat 7 servlet context parameters

In desktop applications we typically configure our application by reading a config file, and using the values found.

In a Java web application however there’s a better way, because there’s already a config file we can use, and this is the web.xml file, where we can place the so called context init parameters, that are loaded during the web application’s startup. 348 more words


Remote debugging Tomcat7 servlets with Netbeans

At work we still use Tomcat 7 in production and I needed to set up debugging for various development systems. This article shows how to enable Tomcat 7 remote debugging… 277 more words



… just another


sunny afternoon …

Annie & Charlie and Youngster Dove

Tomcat suddenly stopped writing to log file

After restarting tomcat, the log will return to normal.

To keep it short, for my case, it’s because we have two WARs deployed to the same Tomcat and both are writing to the same file.

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