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How to get Tomcat home directory

If you want to get tomcat’ home directory or catalina’s home directory in which your current web app is running then you can use following statement to get that… 16 more words


A tomcat named Kasper

This was the tomcat Kasper of our neighbors in our former neighborhood.

With him and us it was love on first sight! :-D

Often when one of us came home he would come and claim his share of stroking. 33 more words


Sticky Session Load Balancer with Nginx

Load balancer distributes incoming requests across multiple computing application servers. It aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single resource. 301 more words

Tomcat 7

Spring 404 not found issue

Not sure why. But when sending the request to web service, I need to ignore the api section in the URL, in the controller of the web service. 31 more words


How to Protect Your Home from Mice

Our house in Ohio was an older home in a wooded area that was prone to an annual mouse invasion during the onset of cold weather. 232 more words

Ethics of genetic screening, disability, identity and normalisation: what trade offs are ready to accept for a future free of illnesses and disabilities?

It is compulsory for expectant mothers to have their unborn child genetically screened for disabilities or traits considered to be a burden to society. If a genetic “defect” is found, termination is mandatory. 189 more words