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How to Install Tomcat 7.0.68 Server on CentOS/RHEL 7/6/5

Apache Tomcat is a opensource web server for Java applicaton of Apache Foundation like Apache HTTP server. It used for deploying Java Servlet and JSP applications. 381 more words


Upgrading to Jersey 2.x in Tomcat8

Jersey 1.x is still supported. As of this writing, version 1.19.3 was just released on Oct 24th, 2016.

But recently I discovered that Tomcat8 doesn’t play well with Jersey 1.x so we simply have to upgrade to Jersey 2.x. 705 more words


Quick Ubuntu 16 Setup with java8, mysql 5.7, tomcat7

sudo apt-get update

# get latest java, which is java8 at time of writing
sudo apt-get install default-jdk

# get latest mysql, which is mysql5.7 at time of writing
sudo apt-get install mysql-server

# get tomcat7
sudo apt-get install tomcat7

Sunday Afternoon Nap

Until I was bringing my coffee and getting ready to check my emails,my little furry baby decided he has seniority and took over my laptop :)

Who can disturb him ?

Enabling HTTP Compression

Hello there!

There is a nice way to increase performance on Mstr Web using HTTP Compression.

You can set that on IIS or Tomcat. Below is the link that explains the steps to do that: 15 more words


Accessing Tomcat JAAS-secured (Form-based) JAX-RS endpoint, from within Java EE client

Unlike my previous post here, sometimes we do need to access JAX-RS resource which is secured by the “traditional” approach of using FORM-based authentication (i.e. 635 more words

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Tomcat – java.lang.OutOfMemoryError


find catalina.bat and add

# for out of memory
# Ensure that any user defined CLASSPATH variables are not used on startup,
# but allow them to be specified in setenv.sh, in rare case when it is needed.

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