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Tomcat server start/stop tips in Windows

When working on Mac / Linux it is pretty easy to find the process id of a process and kill it.

But when it comes to windows, this is the method we follow: 9 more words


Apache tomcat and hsql db, derby db and postgres db integration


Download latest hsqldb zip, extract it, start hdqldb and create automatically database:

me@MacBook:~/dev/env/hsqldb-2.4.0/hsqldb$ java -cp lib/hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.server.Server --database.0 file:mydatabases/mydb --dbname.0 mydb

Connect to db from console (empty password, just hit enter): 943 more words

Daily chores

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How to stop the Tomcat server using terminal?

Usually, if you want to stop tomcat server, you go to servers tab in eclipse then stop the server.But assume if your IDE got hanged for some time, then you need to wait for at least few minutes & for a developer every second is precious, not only for a developer for every human being time is precious.So in that case, you can stop the server running, with the help of terminal.And to stop the running server, first & foremost thing we need to know is the process id(PID) on which it is running, then we can easily kill the process.To know what are the processes running on, we have different commands to be executed on different Operating systems. 186 more words


Working place

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How to install Oracle Apex 5.1 and deploy to Apache Tomcat Application Server on linux (RHEL 6.7)

Requirement was to have the Apex launched from Tomcat and not using Standalone Apex installation.

Following components are needed for this setup

1.Installation of Oracle Apex 5.1… 1,707 more words


Install Tomcat7 and RabbitMQ in Fedora or Amazon EC2 AMI


1.sudo yum update  (Do a general update of your system)

2. sudo yum install tomcat7 tomcat7-webapps

3. sudo service tomcat7 start… 186 more words