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Using Tomcat Maven Plugin for Running Your WebApp

You can add the Tomcat Maven Plugin to your webapp project to run it without needing to install a tomcat server. This lets you easily run your app with a single command. 147 more words


docker-compose wait for dependencies

Sometimes, when you have an over-optimized system leveraging asynchronization, you have to jump through hoops to synchronize things again to make them work in practice. This is the case with docker-compose currently. 696 more words


NGINX + Tomcat Load Balancing (CentOS)

Load balancing is the excellent way to increase you application high availability and redundancy. In here we are going configure, how to load balance tomcat applications using Nginx. 1,184 more words

[INFO] Changing the default SSL password during the vCenter Server certification renewal

Another situation I was facing two weeks ago while upgrading two Windows vCenter Server 5.5 including vSphere Replication Appliances to the latest vCenter Server Appliance 6.5U1. 285 more words


Define environment variables in Tomcat

Sometimes you want to change the behaviour of your code without recompiling / deploying.  A way to do this is defining environment variables that you can change at any time. 89 more words

Simple Process Using Activiti


Recently I came across this interesting area, “business processes and workflows”. Going further from simple workflows, this is a vast area to explore. There exists numbers of workflow engines which provides generic functionality to develop workflows for any use-case. 481 more words