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Stoking a Hunger: The Scent of a Book

Anyone who has read my book series knows that ancient tomes play an important role. Morganne in particular is fascinated by them and frequently describes their unique and familiar smell. 126 more words

Allison D. Reid


Thirty-three rooms of books*

Are that storefront’s narrative hooks…

LESCRON’S at home

Had a warehouse of tomes,

But not as good the looks!

–Jonathan Caswell… 13 more words


I stare at them, not in a creepy disturbing way

I stare at them observantly

I study them, absorb every detail, take mental notes

I was curious, and this was an opportunity… 216 more words


Film work 

This image is from one the very first time I used film . I love the tones and textures in is image


Literary Royalty

The Brontë sisters are literary royalty. Their short lives, along with their passionate writing and strong characterization have immortalized them in English Literature. The sisters,  474 more words


Fangirl Moment: Red Garden

Red Garden is a 22 episode anime, released between 2006 and 2007, later in 2007 a 45 minute OVA epilogue was released. The series follows four high school girls from New York as they find themselves caught up in a string of supernatural murders happening throughout the city. 615 more words


A Book to Hold on To…

“Just as the water of the river flows into the ocean and is returned by rain, all forms of life are interconnected in a cycle without beginning or end. 1,056 more words