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The Just City

A new (Jan 2015) novel by Jo Walton

Donated by Jo Walton.

Pirateology: the Pirate Hunter's Companion

A must-have for all pirate lovers, Pirateology is filled with maps, ships, facts, tall tales, buried treasures and general skulduggery. Perfect if you’re planning to carry off a princess, ruin the fortunes of an ambitious young merchant, or simply need a pirate-ex-machina to move the play along.

Donated by nolo contendere.

Give Me a Topic

It’s that moment where you want to write about something but you can’t even think about a topic. You stare at that white screen with a blinking line, and in the end you close the program. 38 more words


Thanks for the memories 2014

This year has been a pretty good year. The best part of every year is looking back on all the memories that were made. These memories will be with us for the rest of our lives or for as long as we can remember. 12 more words