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The Map

A single candle burns into the night as a male scholar scours ancient tomes for a lost treasure map. The fabled map was known to be elusive for it never stayed long on one page, preferring to erase and write itself into nearby tomes that could be seen. 90 more words


Stories to Tell

To not write, to not use my words, would be as if to no longer breathe.

I love to write. In fact I’ve made it my career and it brings me so much joy to share my creative works with the world. 108 more words


Ye Olde Bookstore: Mind the Dust

Try the place next door if you’re looking for coffee.  Oh, you wanted a book.  Kind of young, so I wonder if you know what a book is.  466 more words


A Gnome Tome

What would a Gnome have on his bookshelf?  How about a general guide to summer foraging… The Gnomes’ Own Harvest!  This is Carolyn’s submission to Gnomes and Gardens, the summer show at the Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie.  13 more words


HIS STUDY: A Naughty Fantasy by Venus

DISCLAIMER: My erotic writing is pure fantasy. I live inside my mind. Please do not take my erotica as an example of what to expect during a sensual massage session. 923 more words

Boy Meets Girl

Boy meets girl
They become close friends
They hang out a lot
They share secrets

Boy meets girl
People start teasing them
People think they’re a couple… 88 more words

The Free Folk