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HIS STUDY: A Naughty Fantasy by Venus

DISCLAIMER: My erotic writing is pure fantasy. I live inside my mind. Please do not take my erotica as an example of what to expect during a sensual massage session. 923 more words

Boy Meets Girl

Boy meets girl
They become close friends
They hang out a lot
They share secrets

Boy meets girl
People start teasing them
People think they’re a couple… 88 more words

The Free Folk

Miles and miles of books and books

I am a bookworm and proud of it – reading is a passion, and I would rather spend on a good book than on anything else. 275 more words

The Just City

A new (Jan 2015) novel by Jo Walton

Donated by Jo Walton.

Pirateology: the Pirate Hunter's Companion

A must-have for all pirate lovers, Pirateology is filled with maps, ships, facts, tall tales, buried treasures and general skulduggery. Perfect if you’re planning to carry off a princess, ruin the fortunes of an ambitious young merchant, or simply need a pirate-ex-machina to move the play along.

Donated by nolo contendere.

Give Me a Topic

It’s that moment where you want to write about something but you can’t even think about a topic. You stare at that white screen with a blinking line, and in the end you close the program. 38 more words