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yelling like tommorow

glass door closed

and streets and its own conversation

and all it can be made

and its own close of the mental encounter

and stood as it was the use… 41 more words



Everyday Make yourself batter than yesterday & that day is not so far when you will be a LEGEND. #hp


4/24: An Almost Classic Selection

Once again, a month late with this post. Sorry. Christmas. Then we were all sick with colds in January. Y’know, life.

December’s movie selection, the fourth movie in my… 905 more words


caught on tommorow

rather and its own pulse

and called and its own cold

and meaning

and matter

and when it was the secure

and told

and for the bother… 46 more words



Look not too far
In search of what is gone
Because what was
Is what will be

In me is the fire and the power… 13 more words


spoil by tommorow

in a  dream

and its own reasoning

and held on the standard

and called on the power

and use of the lights

and well onto… 78 more words


tommorow as silent

argue fuss and fight

battle as it was the chewing as to prove a point

held onto a belief

and secure wasn’t an option

and what it was… 42 more words