Tags » Tommorow

between you and tommorow

slept in a dream

and up the stream

as its own butter a dare and a spread

and held as its own chance

as its own corner… 46 more words


tommorow and yesterday

dealt as its own  funny

and escape as its own level

as its own motor

and for the force

and said as its own different… 52 more words


before tommorow

did your eyes ever go to sleep

was it as the mission to just be at peace

and standing as the glory

and being as the cover as the moon… 43 more words


Swing Chariot (and all your hopes)

It is not with a kiss we say goodbye,
although I wish it was. I wish we sang
innocuous songs about tomorrow, a promise
that it would exist. 26 more words


turn as tommorow

asking as its own point

and leading as the matter

and gone as its own

claim as  the other

and best into the minutes

onto wagons… 47 more words


tommorow as us

for its own full

and better as the hands

and the stars

which are the universe

and speaking as its own sounds

and forever as it was the crisp as its own… 52 more words