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rise of tommorow

in the mood

and its own having

and caught on the changing

and for the rules

and its own long

and what it has

and for the acting… 44 more words


wink as tommorow

found on the other side of the days

and for the truth

and when it was the feeling

and caught on the story

and held on the lasting… 44 more words


Moments !!

I love the present moment the people in it, the life in it, things look so promising and happy around..I promise people in the moment for years of future I have never seen.. 56 more words


jump a few puddles
life is too short to just sit
idle and to cry;

live each moment as
you never really know
what tommorow holds


tommorow desire

why it seems ahead

is better than in the clear

and what it longs

and how it was so held

as the paradise

and the dance of the best form… 71 more words


raise on tommorow

hope to see you again

as the gift

and the insane

and how it all refrains

and nothing ever need to be taken

for granted… 62 more words