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force of tommorow

can you live divided

can you learn the time

and its own place of the sea

and what is the message

and its own seem… 47 more words


felt tommorow

something of this puzzle

and  funny  this water was drunking

and left of the complicated

and better of the feelings

and what was stated

and left of the having… 47 more words


Laugh Out Loud!!

Just for laffs

A man mistakenly sent 2 million naira to a wrong account number via Mobile Money Transfer. He thought of what to do so as to stop the person from withdrawing the money and he came up with this: He sent a message to the person’s phone saying. 220 more words


ran toward tommorow

somebody once upon a time

was married

and given an option

and how it feels of the waters

and its own desire

and what it flavors… 45 more words


called tommorow

winds and made change


and the breeze

and how it all comes to be

and where is the eyes

and how it longs to be… 46 more words


when known.

Living our today we left our yesterdays for tommorow. 😔✌


june in tommrow

what is the start of yesterday

and how it seemed

as the final

of the moment

and its own theme

and taken

and what it leaped… 52 more words