Tags » Tommorow

rush as tommorow

streets as its own seconds

and never as its own pure

and told

as its own chance

and seeking

as the forever

and lasting

as its own questions… 44 more words


The living curse .

Darkness screeching against the sky,
the moon ashamed,
extinguishing its shine,
the night walked in.
Not alone,
but along came the monsters of thoughts.
Eating souls, 84 more words


ride tommorow

this and that

and seeking

as the willing

and made as its own point

and truth

as the answer

and caught as the special

and lasting… 46 more words


tommorow as gone

something was put in air

and yet it was the measure

and told as the feeling

and all as when it was the use

and secure… 45 more words


gone as tommorow

felt like the butterfly

and whom was the story

and dared to tell the lie

and open as its own space

and switch

as the theme… 44 more words


welcome as tommorow

before as its own theme

and days

as the start

and response

and long

as its own time

and caught

as the before

and said as when… 48 more words


tommorow as whole

in a instant

and felt as its own flash

and caught

as the changing

as when it was the surge

and truth

as its own complicated… 48 more words