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Auto Ordnance Tommy Gun

There is just some cool about the Tommy gun. The is Thompson submachine Gun is a piece of Americana, something cool and classic like a Harley Davidson. 443 more words

Scattered Shots

Da Mafia Moose

Someone on Tumblr requested a drawing of Thunderhoof from Robots In Disguise 2015 in a suit and with a Tommy Gun. I was happy to oblige.

Completed Works

Churchill in the News

The Thompson submachine gun that was held by Winston Churchill in a famous wartime photograph has been found. In the iconic photograph a defiant-looking British prime minister holds the submachine gun, while wearing a pinstripe suit and smoking a big cigar. 107 more words

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Wooden Thompson Machine Gun

I have been meaning to make this one for a while. I stained it so it looks more like hardwood. 

Peter Glanting