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Churchill in the News

The Thompson submachine gun that was held by Winston Churchill in a famous wartime photograph has been found. In the iconic photograph a defiant-looking British prime minister holds the submachine gun, while wearing a pinstripe suit and smoking a big cigar. 107 more words

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Wooden Thompson Machine Gun

I have been meaning to make this one for a while. I stained it so it looks more like hardwood. 

Peter Glanting

Sale of antique Tommy gun brings Minnesota county $37K

A weapon once used in the fight against Depression-era bootleggers is now fetching a pretty penny for Steele County.

The Owatonna People’s Press reports a Thompson submachine gun that’s belonged to the county since 1935 was rediscovered in a basement cleanup a few years ago and is being sold to an Arizona gun collector for $37,500. 279 more words



Crime is something that is all over you can do everything to try to stop crime but it will never be enough. Crime will always be apart of society. 237 more words