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How I would Improve the Friday the 13th Game

The Friday the 13th series doesn’t have much life these days, at least so far as the cinema is concerned. It has nine years since the… 1,823 more words

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When it Comes to Friday Final Girls, Sometimes You've Got to Let it Cooke for a While

Sometimes I’m a little slow.

Example. It was not an uncommon occurrence in my collegiate days to wander around the local Walmart  in a zombie-like state at two in the morning. 763 more words

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Friday the 13th Game Gets Film Franchise Right

Friday the 13th is a multiplayer game released this year whose primary focus was on allowing you to play either as the infamous Jason Voorhees of the horror franchise or one of the oblivious and stereotypical counselors attending the cursed summer camp at Crystal Lake. 1,447 more words

Friday the 13TH: The Game Review

Remember Dead by Daylight? The game where you trigger generators to escape. do you feel sad that it does not have the killer you want, Jason Voorhees? 452 more words

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Episode 252: The Feel of Peele

On the latest episode of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason are ready to breakdown the abundance of mock outrage being slung across the internet. 132 more words