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Friday the 13th Part IV - What if a psycho wanders in?

I don’t consider myself a prude and I don’t feel easily offended.  Still, as I get older, I find myself getting that “too soon” vibe more often after a flippant remark is made about recent tragedies.  413 more words


Cult Movie Essentials: Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning (1985)

A New Beginning departs from the Camp Crystal Lake setting and Voorhees-themed mystery of the previous four installments, instead acting as a psychological horror film set at a fictional halfway house in Pennsylvania. 717 more words

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter as an 80s Sitcom!

Y’know if you study that above gif closely, it’s almost as if Jason is giving little Tommy Jarvis a big hug.

Perhaps it’s this demented way of thinking that made me realize when you remove all the murders from… 99 more words


Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Directed by Danny Steinmann.  Written by Steinmann, Martin Kitrosser and David Cohen. Starring John Shepherd, Miguel A Nunez Jr. and Corey Feldman.

Plot: Tommy Jarvis is in a halfway house now and Jason seems to have followed him… 159 more words


Shemps, Tommy Jarvis, & the Modern Prometheus!

Welcome back! I was just about to start talking about the headscratcher that was Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Hope your nails are trimmed. 1,472 more words


Attention 'Friday the 13th' Fans: Here's an AWESOME Tommy Jarvis Tribute Video!

Who doesn’t love Friday the 13th?

The franchise is a certified classic that still thrives today, and Tommy Jarvis, initially played by Corey Feldman, and later reprized famously by John Shepherd (and later Thom Mathews) in the fifth franchise installment, is one of the series’ most recognizable and lovable characters. 43 more words