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Rafael Montero Has A Complete Tear Of His UCL And Probably Needs Tommy John Surgery.

The Mets announced that Rafael Montero has a complete tear of his UCL and will likely need surgery, after experiencing pain in his last appearance. I am absolutely sick over this! 172 more words

3-Way Neck Moves - Dr. Tommy John's Daily Spinal Hygiene Program

Movement: 3-Way Neck Moves

Range of Motion: Flexion/Extension, Lateral Bending/Side-to-Side; Rotations

Equipment: Flat ground, barefoot

Rep/Time Methodic: 10-30 each way, up to 15-30 repetitions 2-3x/day, or up to 3-5 minutes of continuous movement to each range of motion… 94 more words

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Seventeenth Annual ABF Event Attracts Over Three Hundred

Tommy John Entertains ABF Enthusiasts, Courtesy our partners at the American Baseball Foundation:

Major League pitcher and groundbreaking comeback hero, Tommy John detailed his return to the mound after Dr. 216 more words

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There’ll be catching and hitting, tobacco for spitting, and if you’re in Minnesota you can go caroling out in the snow. There’ll be hot dogs and ice cream, players now with a new team, and if Joe Buck was ever tolerable it must’ve been long, long ago. 203 more words


Review - Tommy John - Stay-up Dress Sock

It is perhaps unquestionable that gentlemen’s hosiery is a highly underrated accessory in your wardrobe right now. This is a safe space, feel free to submit your admission, there will be an absence of judgment in this small sliver of Internet space. 584 more words



On this date (Jan. 20) in 1965, the White Sox executed a colossal trade that included three teams and eight players and netted the franchise three major contributors over the next few years in pitcher Tommy John, catcher John Romano and outfielder Tommie Agee. 231 more words