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Choosing to be Indomitable 

I read in a parenting book a while ago (I think it was Parenting By The Book by John Roseman) that one of the things that separates children from animals is that an animal, when it feels pain will learn to avoid the situation that brought about the pain whereas a human child, when feeling painful consequences, will statistically still choose the pain-causing situation 50% of the time. 1,023 more words

Then there was the time Warren Barfield made me ugly cry in public. In person. 

The special day of pregnancy and infant loss awareness day is today, October 15. The whole month of October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, but the “special” day is October 15. 792 more words

Maggie's Story

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I would like to share the stories of my losses. Here is my third.

My second loss was the loss of “Baby B” in August 2013. 2,424 more words

The birth of a new mantra 

Last week was an off week. The kids had fall break so they were home which is nice because I’ve been able to spend more time with them and actually see them getting along, which I don’t see often enough. 473 more words

How do you measure personal progress?

How do you measure progress? It’s easy to measure progress in fitness. You can move faster or farther than you have before or you’re able to lift more weight or stretch farther. 1,518 more words

The Importance of a Good Foundation

The beginning and the foundation are important steps. You build on what you learn in order to progress. Everyone knows you can’t build a house until the foundation is complete and it’s hard to read if you don’t know your ABCs, but we are much less likely to consider the fundamentals when it comes to other things like running or building a business. 666 more words

180 Days: Day 8--I Need an Antacid.

Mondays are always a struggle, but today was more so because my students had a substitute teacher on Friday. I found myself trying to decipher notes from the sub who had only partially followed my plans and students who only partially followed instructions. 448 more words