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Not Off To a Great Start

Began the guided meditation – and fell asleep.

Reading Chapter 2 (The foundations of mindfullness practice: Attitudes and Commitment) – aaand fell asleep.

Hmmmm…….anyone else seeing irony here?

Fibromyalgia Related Stuff


If you’ve had a bad day, remember, the sun will come out – tomorrow.

Keep your hope alive!



I'm not drinking, I'm not drinking, I'm not drinking....

Profanity alert throughout this post…..

As if I wasn’t having a hard enough time, I have just had some extra tough news piled on me. … 632 more words


I'm a froggie

I’ve been working all day on my website and my records about it. There are SOOOO many details to keep track of. I feel just like the sweet froggie in the picture above, so I’m going to get a cup of coffee and put my feet up. 19 more words


Tomorrow is Another Day (Series Review)

Q: Who’s the actual prisoner here?

A: This drama’s viewers. 1,300 more words


Abstainers versus Moderators

I recently read this article by Gretchen Rubin on Moderators and Abstainers, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot in relationship to my health andĀ goals, namely to… 574 more words